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Vitamins and minerals working or not ?

I mentioned a few weeks ago my fears that my 15 year old daughter is going down the same path 're health as me it would seem. I won't go into every detail again but she suffered weight gain as soon as she hit puberty and has had almost three years of irregular and immensely heavy periods, doctors gave her transmeric acid to help blood clot but I asked for her to have thyroid checked, they also checked for pcos. Anyway she had a TSH of 1.8 and t4 at bottom of healthy range so no help offered surprise surprise, also her sex hormone result was 18 which was the very lowest number in healthy range. Again, told all was ok. Yeah right. She has constipation,dry skin half eyebrows etc and I have worries 're the hypothyroid issue. Anyway I have started three weeks ago to give her all of the same vits and minerals as I take, (her iron / ferrous sulphate was at bottom of scale too) so she takes ferrous sulphate, selenium, b12, General multivitamin, pro biotic, vitamin c, and vitamin d, anyway she had a period last weekend (42 days after previous) and all she has done is spotted, this is the first time ever. Is this a good thing, or have we gone too far the other way ? Obviously I daren't self treat 're thyroid meds but thought this would be a start for now.

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I think it is unlikely you have gone too far, although you do need to be a bit more careful with the fat soluble minerals and vitamins. I wonder if it might be just the hormones settling down. It would be a good idea to keep a record of other symptoms too and also see what happens next month.

Have any of her other symptoms improved?

She sounds very much like I was at that age. I even had the same treatment. I definitely wasn't hypothyroid at the beginning - that didn't start until I got to about 17 or 18. Before then I was really skinny so I don't think I was hypothyroid. However, your daughter's low T4 isn't a good sign :(

I wish I had some help or words of wisdom to offer, but unfortunately I don't.

Please let us know how she gets on. Perhaps this is just the first sign of things starting to get better.

Carolyn x


I hope you are right Carolyn, it would be so good. I just have this niggling feeling because of the puberty and weight issue, my body responded in a similar way at that age, I lived on diets throughout my teens , well most of my life really, it was a case of eat when I'm hungry and accept the weight or diet and be slimmer. So unfair isn't it. I had endometriosis in my teens and very heavy periods too, also lots of dental surgery due to over crowding, teeth that didn't come through properly and failure to form enamel on teeth, she has this too :( I'm just so wary now, were similar in so many ways and its such a worry.

Can I just ask what you mean 're the fat soluble vitamins and minerals , not a clue lol.

FIngers crossed this is hormones settling down, but after three years of this I have doubts.

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it Carolyn xx


The fat soluble vitamins are A, D and E. Whereas with the others it is difficult to overdose, you do need to be careful with these three not to overdo it. Vitamin A is the main one to watch but as long as she is not taking more than the RDA (unless she has a deficiency, of course).

Things may be improving a little due to the vitamins etc, but that doesn't mean she isn't developing a thyroid problem, especially as her T4 is on the low side. You may even find that, now her vitamins and mineral levels are increasing, her TSH might start rising as her body starts using what thyroid hormones are available and thus depleting levels in her blood. It may mean she gets a diagnosis sooner rather than later. I hope she doesn't have to wait as long as you or I did for a diagnosis!

I hope things go more smoothly for your daughter.

Carolyn x


Ah I see, vitamin d is 10ug , so 200 rda, hopefully not too much, was thinking of doing this for a few months and then dropping to every other day. A and E are only in her basic multivitamin so hopefully ok. What a bloody minefield, very grateful for the advice, thanks again x


She should be fine with those :)


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