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blue horizon

I have just got my results back from blue horizon really impressed with their service, I would recommend them, my results are showing a tsh of <0.0005 which is exactly the same as my last nhs test which unfortunately was done in aug 2013, gp comments were nothing to worry about, although my T4 was 11.4 last time its now risen to 20 which is good I suppose, it says my b12 is on the low side and my ferritin is 67.4 unsure whether that is good or not, many thanks karen

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Groaten, TSH is very suppressed and indicates subclinical hyperthyroidism. FT4 has risen considerably in 2 years but 20 is within Blue Horizon range, I think. Your GP should be monitoring your thyroid levels now. If FT4 goes over range you will need treatment.

If B12 is <500 supplement methylcobalamin and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.

Ferritin is optimal >100 through to half way in range. Supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I love Blue Horizon tests - they are so easy to do and so quick with their results.

I've just had results back too. According to what I've got their ranges for ferritin are between 20-150.

Mine is very high at the moment which isn't good - it's a sign of various things, I've got inflammatory arthritis so it could be that and my Anti-Thyroglobulin is high - both are highlighted in red so you can't miss anything that isn't right.

My B12 is 388 which comes into the OK category but I'm going to start again with Jarrows sublingual B12, I've been having a B12 holiday since July and it has come down from 1269 (which was too high but not a problem) to the 388 but I'd prefer it to be a bit higher.

What does the report at the top say? They usually point out things that need action of some sort.


thank you for the replies I am on 50 thyroxine and 4 grains of armour, as the nhs hasn't done a test since august 2013 and they don't seem to have the resources, (although oddly they did ring me the other day but can't get in my for at least 2 weeks!) thats why I went with blue horizon, can't believe how easy it was even given me results for b12 and ferritin although I never paid for that.

I have to say i feel great and have never in 25 years had a normal test normally the tsh was really high and t4 was high and I felt rubbish, even a consultant said the results were odd, I had really bad depression probably caused by really ill ofor so long, which I never had any support for infact I was abit like the thyroxine given tablets ,left to get on with it, no blood tests or help in fact you can't get through on the phone and they wont make an appointment over the counter. I have stopped the depression tablets in feb with no help or support from my gp.

The report says to discuss with gp, I went to the surgery yesterday as I couldn't get through on the phone, they said they would ring but never did that is the usual service I get, I could understand it if I was down there all the time, she couldn't explain why i wasn't allowed a test since Aug 2013. I won't get another call as the GP is part time so I am not expecting anymore help. I will give them a copy of the results but pretty sure that won't do anything

Anyway the main thing is that I have no migraine which have nearly killed me in the past they caused major depression and the pain was intolerable, nothing seems to help apart from armour but the neurologist always said it was the thyroid, and the doctors don't seem to take it seriously. saying it not going to kill me, but they have caused blind spots in my eyes, my worry was always that it would cause blindness and that was laughed at but it appears that was the case and that the damage is not repairable, so I will do anything to stop my migraines.

I also use to take B12 will start again, thank you so much for the advice,


Gosh, what a picture you paint of your doctors! I sometimes think doctors can't tell the difference between depression and the fact that the way they are treating you is depressing! Not quite the same thing.

Same kind of thing happened to me - got a call on Friday from the receptionist. Doctor told her to ring and book me in following results he has had from some survey I'm taking part in - but wait - we can't see you for two weeks. I'm hoping it isn't something urgent🤔


well at least with blue horizon you get a good service, would rather pay than get messed about, good luck thanks for response kx


I pay because I got fed up begging :)

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