Has anyone used Blue Horizon lately?

Hi all

I've been on the main Thyroid UK site and seen a combined Ferritin, folate and B12 test through the Blue Horizon download, but have been unable to find it on any of their websites, Blue Horizon or Home Blood Tests. I did use it at the beginning of the year and wanted to retest but have no idea where to look. They do the individual tests but that's over £200 for the three, which is way over my budget.

Any ideas please.



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I'd ring them up - we have had a number of people say they are helpful if you do so.

Get the impression their website is not always as wonderful as they would like it to be. :-)


Thanks Rod, out of interest I have a cold at the moment, could it make any difference to a test?

I really don't know. There again. I am not sure that anyone knows! It would be very sensible for someone to do some research if none has yet been done.


Tracey, the best thing to do is give them a call 0800 0988 751 or you could send Paul a PM healthunlocked.com/user/Blu...

Thanks for the link, I will PM as I hate the telephone. x

Funny enough I used them today, I phoned then, I did send email and then I had a call. X

Hi Merissa, I will try a direct email as I have had no reply from the PM. Many thanks

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