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What gets tested?

Hi, sorry for all the questions but hopefully sometime I will be in a position to answer some for someone! !

My doctor is requesting blood tests but when I asked the surgery they said the form had 'TPO' and something to do with sugars on it, it is a fasting blood test I'm having. Does that cover everything I need tested? I have read that the following should be checked: TSH, FT4, FT3, TPO and TgAb B12, folate, ferritin and Vitamin D. Will these get tested or do I specifically need to ask for all of the above to be tested?

Don't want to be telling my GP her job but at the same time I want to make sure I don't have to go back for more blood tests, I hate needles!


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The TPO test that your doctor has ordered is a test for an illness called Hashimotos. Here is a link that tells you why your doctor has order this test.

She could also have ordered a glucose tolerance test which is a test for diabetes. Here is another link regarding this.

Unless you can see FT4, FT3 (the FT3 test is almost impossible to get tested these days) or any other of the things you have mentioned on the form then I doubt very much if she is testing for them. She will only be testing for what is written down and if B12 isn't written down then you wont be being tested for B12.

Why don't you phone her and ask her what exactly she is testing for and why before you have the test and if she doesn't say B12, VitD etc. ask her WHY she isn't testing for them. One phone call to her will answer all your questions.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x


Hi Sounds like a Diabetes check, very important as autoimmune and hormonal and similar symptoms to thyroid initially. Hopefully it will also be cholesterol. Both are referred to be fasting but not considered essential. Fasting water only for 12 hours, drink plenty of that or blood can be a problem,. Any essential drugs can also be taken.I could not see B12 on your list, these and the ones you have listed are very relevant. If D low then you need a corrected calcium test before treatment, D can make calcium go above range, must never happen. I would start with being sure you get tSH, T3 and Free T3 and the vit D,iron/ferritin., then get the other unlikely GP will do them all first time! You are right to be sure what you want , it is important not to rely on GP. Make sure you ask the receptionist for results + ranges, routine ,must have ranges. Keep.I also ask a phlebotomist what exactly is being tested, unless I have the form myself. By law if you ask they have to say , otherwise assault!

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the replies. I see... the TPO is for Hashimotos. Well that's what a naturopath told me I probably have, I in turn told my GP this and I guess that's why she has asked for TPO. Bit worried now that if it's a different thyroid problem it may get missed. When I have the blood done this morning I will see if I can get the other things added onto the form.


Hopefully a positive start to my diagnosis.... I talked to the nurse taking the blood and she added all of the items onto the form. I guess whether or not the lab take any notice that she hand wrote them onto the typed form might mean they ignore the request but hopefully they will do the lot!


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