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Results are in, I got an increase but no vitamin testing


My blood results are now:

TSH 2 (0.5 - 5.5)

FT4 16 (10 - 22)

Previously 3 months ago:

TSH 7.4

FT4 13

Doc started off by telling me that everything was now normal and well within range but then she asked how I was feeling. I said that I did not feel well and she said that she would be happy to increase my dose to aim for the lower part of the range. She has increased from 75 mcgs to 75 and 100 on alternate days. She said she thinks 100 everyday will make me hyper.

So far so good - not a bad result me's thinking.

I then asked about Vitamin D and B12 testing as these are often deficient in folk with thyroid problems. She was quite surprised by this and said that most of the UK is probably deficient and they do not test. I asked if I could supplement myself and did she have any suggested dosage recommendations and she told me to take Berocca. Or she said that I could take a good multivitamin with iodine. I was a bit shocked at this as I have antibodies but was not quick enough to question her. Having googled Berocca I'm not quite sure what I make of it. Any thoughts greatly received. It does not of course contact Vitamin D.

I told her that I had been reading up and educating myself on my problems and she gave a smile and said that I'd probably read all about Graves. I was a bit loss for words because actually I have not been reading about Graves and it was only afterwards that I realized that she had probably got Graves and Hashimotos muddled up! A bit scare really.

Anyway, not a bad result overall but back to the drawing board about what to start supplementing with. Maybe I'll wait until I've settle onto my new dosage of levo before I start otherwise I won't know which is making me feel better (hopefully!).


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If you can, you can get a lab test for Vit D and Vit B12 privately. If you are very low of Vit D, she should prescribe, If not you should buy Vit D3 or D2. If B12 is low but 'within range' you can buy sublingual methylcobalamin B12 and you cannot overdose on B12 as excess is excreted. I think her recommendation of iodine is wrong!

You have to read and learn as much as possible in order to recover your health and it can be a long and difficult road but you can get their in the end with co-operative doctors.

Many doctors believe that getting the TSH to 'within range' is fine and other symptoms are nothing to do with being underactive. This is wrong. We can have a TSH below 1 or even suppressed, or the addition of T3 in order to recover but GP's are unaware of this.

foreversummer in reply to shaws

Thank you Shaws.

Thank goodness for this site! I never feel particularly confident when dealing with doctors but with knowledge comes confidence and I will get there.

I am going to try the subligual B12 you mention and I think I will opt for the D3 spray I've seen mentioned here. I think I will also get some selenium. I'm not keen on the Berocca she mentioned. It seems to contain an awful lot of artificial sweetners and other gunk.


shawsAdministrator in reply to foreversummer

I made a mistake re the Vitamin D - it should be D3 NOT D2.

Hi Also push, or may be pay for, a FT3 test. it could be that you need T4 and T3 on a script, test the only way of showing. On treatment FT3 should be high.

Best wishes.


foreversummer in reply to Jackie

Thank you Jackie.

I did ask the blood nurse at the surgery if they ever do the FT3 test and she looked quite blank so that is not hopeful.

If I don't improve I will of course mention it.


Jackie in reply to foreversummer

NHS here does no longer do them. Some people get them by offering to pay, but your GP sounds as bad as mine. An endo normally does all three and all the other necessary tests. In the mean time.if you are able to pay on line, I use Blue Horizon, very well known Lab ( TDL), with code TUK 10, I pay just over £60, same test at a private hospital, same Lab is over £200. I use their main site, but can go to thyroid uk, I hope that helps.More tests available than NHS and some ae better but of course, it can get very expensive. If you can prove to the GP what treatment you need, he/she should definitely do the other tests.

Best wishes,


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