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Increase in Vitamin D

My Vit D blood test results were low at 47 nmol/L.

Initially, I was advised to take 1000 iu a day to supplement by 1 doctor but then I've seen another doctor who advised me to take 10000 iu a day for 2 months followed by 5000 iu for 4 months to bring my levels back up again.

So I've increased my dosage in stages - I feel better for it already after 3 days but I am having a lot of wind and have become a bit loose for want of a better word!

I am also taking 20ml dose of magnesium a day as I know it goes hand in hand with the Vitamin D.

I am also taking Vit C and B complex vitamins plus Iron as my ferritin/folate and B12 levels were all low.

Should I be taking anything else with it?

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KK, magnesium loosens the bowels. Reduce your dose until the looseness stops.


Thanks Clutter - just thought it's strange that this has happened since I am taking the same dose of Magnesium and the looseness has only happened since upping the Vitamin D dose!


KK, I assumed you only recently started taking magnesium. Must be the vitD increase then.


Well, if your iron was low, you should be taking iron.

If your vit B12 was low, you should be taking vit B12 plus a B complex. There's not enough B12 in a complex to do anything. And it should be methylcobalamin, not cynocobalamin as it often is in complexes.

I take it the magnesium is liquid? Don't know anything about liquid magnesium, but it doesn't sound like much of a dose.

Magnesium isn't the only cofactor that goes with vit D3 - it is D3, isn't it? - you also need zinc and vit D2. Especially with a high dose like that. It will raise your calcium and you need to make sure that the calcium goes into the bones, and not the tissues.

Ummm the liquid magnesium, it's not a constipation treatment, is it? Perhaps you should try another form of magnesium. :)


Could just be everything combined is bit much for the guts,, as long as your taking d3 then that's great,, make sure you take it with a good meal and we'll away from you thyroxine , you have to think of absorption. Having got my d up to a good level now I can tell you it takes time but one thing you could get if it really is a prob is a spray ,, better you do a very good one.. 3000 units per spray just under the tongue, I was very dubious of it but really boosted my levels plus it's better absorbed . Can get it from Amazon or Holland and Barrett,plus few other places. . Watch out for magnesium, start gentle. Bear in mind our digestion is fragile once hypo so best to introduce things gently .. All the best,,


Thank you - not on any thyroid meds at the moment - just managed to get an Endo referral!


That should be a meal rich in fat, because D3 is fat soluable. :)


Thought I would do a general reply - thanks everyone for replying - I am taking the Florodex Liquid Magnesium - recommended daily dose is 20ml - had no problem taking it and been taking it a few weeks now, only since upping the chewable Vit D and yes it is the D3 form that I've had some issues!

I've just taken delivery of the liquid Vitamin D3 from Solgar so a 0.5ml dose is 2500 iu as I am having to take a lot of it initially and just taken a dose so will see if the liquid form will make any difference.

The B complex stuff is a sublingual form and there is a very high boost of B12 in it - I plan to get some bloods tested in 3 months time to see how this supplementation is working or whether I need to take more!


Who makes that B complex, kk12?


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