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Help needed with reading results! Endo said results 'normal' but i dont feel it!

I would be very grateful if anybody would be kind enough to have a look at my blood test results and let me know what they think from them.

TSH 1.76 (0.35-5.5)

T4 15.7 (10-19.8)

T3 4.5 (3.55-5.44)

Folate 3.5 (5.4-20)

Ferritin 14.7 (20-300)

TPO Antibodies 212 (0-49)

HCT 0.42 (0.36-0.47)

ESR 2 (3-15)

The Endo says i have no issues with my thyroid despite me telling him all of my classic symptons, he did say however i need a scan on the thyroid because of a lump! I think i have Hashimotos but he doesnt think so!!

Thank you in advance

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Thyroid results (TSH,FT4, FT3) not looking too bad. FT4 mid-range, FT3 could perhaps be a little higher. Unfortunately that is as good as it gets.

Folate below range - needs a supplement

Ferritin - ditto - ferritin this low will make you feel absolutely awful, exhausted, breathless etc and no amount of thyroid hormone, including your own, will work properly with ferritin at this level.

Oh, and finally, you have high antibodies, which means Hashi's, but you knew that.

Shame he didn't check your B12 and vitamin D as well. I bet they're low as well.

Looks like time to find another endo, one who understands the concept of reference ranges!




thanks for your reply! Am seeing the ENDO again in 3 weeks after MORE bloods i suspect he is doing to just shut me up!

I am definately looking into supplements for Folate and Ferritin and if there is anything i can do for myself the Hashi's...



Hi Have the ultra sound as soon a possible. If you do not feel well possible you need a little T4 ( Levo) which should put your FT3 up. It does not always, In that case a iltle T3 also. The GP will not treat on those results. You need to see a really good Endo, your choice, not GP`s. Lots of ways to research but start with ( you may need to cut and paste)All the best consultants ,any sort, work on symptoms first with then consideration to bloods, a few even say bloods do not matter. I had a long lecture from a top consultant about this, although I proved my point, that they did matter to my conditions.H had a shock , never any more problems about that!You also need other tests,,Endo should do them or ask GP.,all hormonal and autoimmune and go with thyroid disease. Vit D ( if low corrected calcium before any treatment), Diabetes, B12 + Foliates. Your Ferritin is low but doubt a GP will treat on those results. Endo`s like Spatone, sachets, less problems, Amazon. Just take the basic dose , on packet. It should make you feel brighter., takes a while. I hope that helps, the important thing is no matter what get the treatment and tests that you need.

Best wishes,




Thanks for your reply. Yes the ENDO confirmed he wont give any medication based on these results, refused to acknowledge my symptons and continued to ask me if i was depressed!! but he did confirm when pressed that 'i will probably have thyroid problems in the future'! LOL love their theory of wait until you get really sick until we treat you. I already have the list from Louise thanks.

I will try Spatone, will try anything if it perks me up!!



Yes a lot of docs, especially GP`s are like this. Funny thing is good psychiatrists have for many years tested the thyroid and even if came back "normal" and cannot help a patient they gave small doses of thyroid treatment and thought the result a miracle!!!

keep fighting for the proper care for your self. It is so important.

Best wishes,



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