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Help needed with reading test results

TSH normal .60-5.4          Thyroxine Free .9-1.5                          T3 Free  2.4-4.1

11/1/13  4.98

2/7/14  1.14

8/11/14  .13

11/24/14  1.18

8/8/15  .93                                 2.0                                                                      2.1                                                  

3/23/16  .28

I have been hypothyroid for maybe 20 years and take Levothyroxin .100   I also have Celiac and CFS and Fibromyalgia.  Wondering if that is true, or if it is really thyroid issues and EBV.  I was reading stuff on here, and on 8/8/15 I got a different person to order the tests for me, yahoo.  After they came back, my regular doc said they would not do those tests again in the future, as for me they were not necessary.  I shared a result on here and was told I needed T3.  I have been calling local pharmacies asking if they can tell me the name of any docs in my area who prescribe T3.  They won't due to HIPPA.   I reside in the USA.  I found a local doc myself, and kept calling when no one was there.  Then discovered she was moving.  Now that her clinic is set up, I found out she is cash only, and not cheap.  I am fearful of getting meds on my own, as I could really mess up my body.  I am currently doing the Medical Medium Cleanse in hopes of fixing my thyroid.  

Do these results since the last test show me fixing my thyroid or doing the opposite?  Thanks in advance for your answers!! 

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Thyroid function can rarely be fixed once it's become dysfunctional, particularly if you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which causes 90% of hypothyroidism and progressively destroys the thyroid gland.  Gluten-free diet may slow progression and reduce Hashi symptoms and antibodies but won't enable any thyroid damage done to repair.

Aug 15 TSH was low, FT4 over range, and FT3 below range which indicated poor conversion and is why you were advised that adding T3 would be beneficial.

Mar 16 TSH is lower but without FT4 and FT3 results it's not possible to determine whether there is much, if any, improvement.

American patient advocates Mary Shoman at, Gena Nolin at and Dana Trentini at have Facebook pages and will be able to advise where you can order your own TSH, FT4 and FT3 labs and can recommend thyroid doctors who can prescribe T3 and NDT.

If you can access your own labs to make sure FT3 is tested you're not likely to mess up self medicating if you make sure FT3 remains within range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Your fT3 is abnormally low.  There are 'polymorphisms' of the gene that is responsible for conversion of T4 to T3 but it wouldn't lead to fT3 levels this low.  Before taking a form of T3 there are a couple of points to consider:-

From your previous post it seems you are on a very strict diet.  This can down-regulate your pituitary so that it produces less TSH which is less bioactive.  As a consequence not only will your thyroid produce less hormone (if it is still working) but more importantly you will convert less T4 to T3.  I suggest you adopt a moderate diet with a range of foods.

Impaired T4 to T3 conversion can be due to selenium deficiency.  This would affect all conversion, in peripheral tissues and in the pituitary, so is a little less likely as your TSH is correspondingly low.  However, it wouldn't do any harm to try a selenium supplement.

Lastly, if you are considering pregnancy you should seek expert endocrinologist advice.

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I am eating more fruits and vegetables, and some meat.  Since I have Celiac, I do not do a lot of grains, and due to trying to watch my weight, as I am overweight, I do not do hardly any of the other grains.  I have added in kidney beans.  I do have a liquid supplement that has Selenium, so will make sure to take it.  I will get some Brazil Nuts too, and take 2 per night like I read about.  I am going to call some more local pharmacies and see if any will tell me the names of docs in my area who prescribe T3 so I can start seeing someone who will help in that regard.  Thanks!!!


That looks very healthy!  As long as you are getting sufficient calories.  As you have a selenium supplement I wouldn't bother with Brazil nuts if they are likely to cause you gut discomfort.  Your low fT3 is really strange so it is a good idea to see if you can get liothyronine (L-T3) prescribed.  It would be a good idea to do another TSH, fT3, fT4 assay at the time just to check the previous results were correct.


Test result from yesterday 3/31/16:  

THYROXINE,FREE0.9 - 1.5 ng/dL            1.8


T3, FREE2.4 - 4.1 pg/mL          2.9


These are more normal results although I would expect them to do TSH as well.  The fT4 is high and this can be counterproductive so I'd suggest you reduce your levothyroxine a little to 75 mcg.

It is quite possible you have magnesium deficiency and this will make your fibromyalgia worse.  I suggest you try taking magnesium citrate for three to six months to see if it helps.  You might have to start on a lower dose for the first month as you have gut problems and magnesium can cause loose stools.


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