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Blood Results - Normal - But dont feel it!


I've had some bloods done, as I've been feeling pretty lousy since the birth of my 1st child, but never really got around to doing anything about it.

I've been plotting my basal Temp, and what made me go to the GP was my average temperature over the month is around 35.7-36.2 - and I'd read about it being a thyroid issues, then I realised how many mroe symptoms I had.

Blood results today are Free T4 10.500pmol/l - (7-17)

TSH 0.85mu/l (0.02-4.5)

I've googled till I'm blue in the face and keep coming up with all sorts of answers (both Uk, and US) I'm 32, Female, if that helps.

Should I go back to the GP and ask more questions, or is it a case of "normal" so put up and shut up?

Thanks guys :)


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People on this site will be sick of me saying this but when it comes to diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism it should all be down to symptoms, symptoms, symptoms. Diagnosing using blood tests is pot luck and does work for some people but for others it is a VERY blunt instrument and does not tell the complete story.

There are other things you can do. Firstly go back to your doctor and ask for all of the tests on this page of the website to be done: Ask for and intracellular magnesium test too. These should all be free.

Once these have been done, and if there is still no resolution to your symptoms you still have other options, but you might then need to go private for help. There are several things that can cause thyroid dysfunction which are not routinely tested by GP's.

Jane x

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Wonderful, i've printed that page! Thanks Jane!!



hi claire, I'm blue in the face as well but lately have decided that this man knows what is going on with female hormones. You can see what you think about it in these 5-minute videos. There are many more but I've selected these because of your pregnancy.

This list might help you decide if your adrenals are included in the problem.


Oooh I'll have a look asap after work! Thanks :D


I agree with everyone else here;its the symptoms that count..I also have had awful hypo symptoms since the birth of my daughter,14yrsago,and have not been treated yet!ibecause my tsh and T4is in range(meaningless..)the gp wont trat me;even tjough i have v v high thyroid antibodies(have u had urs tested?)Dont wait as long as i have,and see yout health deteriorate year after year...i am considering self-med now that i haveq,uite recently ,found the support /advice ,on this site.I have recently done an home adrenal saliva test which revealed abnormally high morn i know my adremnals r being affected too.


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