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I am 75 very active only just retired from work 6 weeks ago.I have IBS for many years but have also got back problems. My first symptoms of IBS were a pain which wrapped itself around my last few ribs and in to my sternum . My doctor sent me for immediate investigations suspecting cancer .I had every test possible all negative but an MR I of my spine revealed trapped nerves so I had a spinal decompression about 10 years ago .My IBS carried on worsening and believe me I have tried everything conventional medicine herbal acupuncture tha- yoga massage etc non worked it has a mind of its own I had been symptomless before Christmas but wham it retuned with avengens on Boxing Day .i find Buscopan at a high dose and pregabulin which I take for my back problem work. I can go from being constipated in the morning to having diarrhoea in the afternoon Was interested to read about magnesium and will try it

I am firmly convinced my trapped nerves and back are the cause of my IBS it also affects my bladder and during a flare up I can also develop cystic

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All your symptoms could be related to nerve damage from your back, but personally I think you just have classic IBS. Bladder involvement is common. The Pregabalin probably is helpful because the Vagal Nerve is the suspect of a malfunctioning gut and bladder. Which is why stress makes it worse. Same circuit. Your post isn't complete however. Cystic what?


Sorry I meant cystitis

Thankyou for your reply it does make sense . Really is a case of finding out what works for you because each person is different.

I know that for me stress plays a large part I ran a large busy farm shop and just sold and retired so hopefully it might improve


I think chilling out in retirement will indeed help! As long as you stay active and don't sit about dwelling on your IBS! lol. And just remember Buscopan can have a stop/start effect on the gut. Short term relief is good but it can prevent your gut getting back into a normal rhythm.


from what you describe, I think it is the opposite, in that the IBS activity , spasms from colon etc . is pressing on other things around colon like nerves , bladder etc, causing the back issues. IBS flare ups seem to go hand in hand with back pain


Have you looked into DMSO for the cystitis? It works very well applying it topically


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