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IBS ruining my life

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Hi all I'm new here I got diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago but for the last 12 months it's been horrendous. I suffer with the constipation constantly but take Fybogel for that I've tried Mebeverine, Buscopan and my GP recently prescribed Audmonal and none of them seem to work. I know which foods trigger it off and avoid them like the plague. My symptoms are worse at night with trapped wind like pains I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep. Just had all my bloods done which came back showing everything was fine just absolutely sick and tired of being in pain every day 😩 Does anyone else suffer like this?

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I was same have you asked your gp about anti depressants I take a 5mg citalopram and this helps loads and it's not addictive in this dose

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Thanks for your reply and I will be definitely be going back and mentioning about the antidepressants I just want something that will actually work hope it continues to work for you

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I used to have lots of pain most of the time. I still get plenty, and I'm bloated a lot but it is much much better, and I'm no longer at the end of my tether. Audmonal did help, even though I'm not aware of having the spasms it's supposed to treat. Stool softeners and movicol help too, but the biggest help has been amitriptyline - another anti-depressant. I've been up and down the scale, but 20mgs at night seems optimum for me. It's a miserable and isolating experience. Hope you see some improvement soon.


Yes you sound just like me. I started 30 years ago. Tried all the meds. Consultant put me on audmonal,nexium and nortriptyline at night. This was 5 years ago when I was taken to A and E with severe tummy pains.This year it has all got bad again and I'm in constant discomfort with awful constipation. Tried movicol but it gives me diarrhoea. I feel for you and just wish the medical profession would spend more on finding out why we have this condition. I am awaiting a colonoscopy after going back and forth to docs all year. Have you had a colonoscopy before. If not perhaps you should.

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Horrible isn't it I've just had bloods done and coz they were ok doc said he won't send me for the camera down the throat as it won't show anything as for a colonoscopy not even mentioned but I start having those in 4 yrs as I lost my mum to bowel cancer 3 yrs ago

My IBS got worse a few years ago - but I had the opposite problem to you I kept needing to go to the loo. Everytime I went out I needed to go to the loo urgently. I had to abandon my shopping trolley in the supermarket so many times dashing to the loo. I never knew when I would have to go. It was so unpredictable and I dreaded the feeling of having to find a loo quick. Gastroentrologist said I was not displaying any symptoms that would show I had cancer\bowel disease and a tummy scan showed that there were no blockages. I got a referral to a dietitian to be put on a low fodmap diet which did help controlling my IBS. Until I was diagnosed with having high cholesterol - so I had to be put on another diet a low fat, high carbs diet to get my cholesterol down. It wasn't taken into consideration that I was already on a very restrictive diet. My gp surgery equate high cholesterol with being overweight and kept telling me you are not overweight - which I already know and didn't take into consideration either that heart disease runs in my family. Trying to balance the two diets has been really difficult because they conflict with each other and my IBS flared up big time. I am now on my 2nd week of using Symprove and it has helped me.

Ahh bless, I totally get where you are coming from. I have suffered for 22years and you just get so fed up of feeling sick all the time. I have tried pretty much every medication going including anti-depressants and nothing helped me, I just have to deal with the pain(which as you will know is not easy). My hot water bottle is my constant companion! Someone on here mentioned tablets called Mag7 for constipation which I have tried & worked for me, might be worth a try. Everyone is different so its all just trial and error but go back to your GP and see what else they can suggest. Hope you get sorted.

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Total nightmare isn't it just trying the Audmonal now doc said I can increase the dose if needed but not to do it straight away on one 3 x a day at the minute my hot water bottle is constantly stuck to me!

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Ralphy40 in reply to moodymaud

It is. I am so tired of it, just wish there was more research into IBS and why so many of us suffer from it...there has to be a reason surely. Hope the Audmonal helps fingers crossed for you.

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Thanks yes I agree more should be done but until we gotta put up with having crazy colons 😡

I have no idea if this will help anyone else but after a pretty bad flare up - blood tests etc followed which all came back negative - I read about A2 milk and have started using it. It may, of course, be a coincidence but I have been much better for the last few months since I started it. I've had very little in the way of IBS symptoms and my stomach is very settled at present. It's a bit more expensive than ordinary skimmed milk but I was so fed up, it was worth a try. Others may feel the same.

My son suffers with diarrhoea and for 2 years was going to docs with tummy pains. They did bloods which showed nothing. In the end he demanded a colonoscopy and guess what he has Ulcerative Colitis. You have to push to get things done these days and I know when you feel rotten you don't want to bit it's the only way. He went undiagnosed for so long when he could have been getting treatment

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My dad suffers with that and is now on a drug called infliximab which has done wonders for him but yes I will be pushing for more tests

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If your dad suffers from U C I am surprised they haven't offered you a colonoscopy as it is often hereditary. Go back and demand more tests. Good luck

Hi, I totally sympathise with you. I too suffer all these problems. I do not take any of these things prescribed by doctors, as they did not do me any good either. You should try taking a probiotic every day #VSL is really good but expensive. Or try Yakult. I feel that excercise works too, it helps to realise your trapped wind. I was also recommended magnesium citrate, which I have recently started and so far do good 👍. I hope you get some help.

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moodymaud in reply to GymJay

Thanks I'm currently trying Bimuno at the moment so 🤞

Hello I also struggle at night time, I often have an upset tummy in the night and awful pains. The lack of sleep makes it worse. This is usually caused by stress and if I haven't stuck to my eating plan or not taken my probiotics.

So I behave myself for a week and get back on track. It can be very depressing, and un sociable too!! If you know what I mean!

I am so very sorry. I too have had IBS for well over 20 years and once in a while I get flare ups. I have been wrestling with symptoms despite being very careful and eating a gluten free diet. Since adapting a blend of gf and fodmap I am feeling more settled. I have introduced psyllium and magnesium, which seem to be helping with my digestive unhappiness. My ND told me to cook more of my veggies as well. It is a constant, daily, encounter and keeping a food diary is really helping me be aware of when symptoms start and what foods to avoid. Exercise is helpful, along with a practice that helps one relieve anxiety. I find I get on a treadmill of fretting, when my health goes down, which does not help at all. You are not alone and even that I think is a strange gift.

I have been using golden linseed,it's a natural laxative. Soak about a tablespoon in water overnight.it has not cured constipation but has given some relief

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Thanks it's the trapped wind that's the worst just can't seem to get rid of it 😩

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