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I have had IBS for about 20 years. I think I have been prescribed every medicine for it, with none of them really working! I suffer really badly with constipation and bloating, which can be extremely painful. I also get terrible trapped wind, which is painful and also embarrassing. I was recently diagnosed with having a rectacele which is a pocket in between your back passage and front where the feaceas gets stuck which can cause bloating and is very uncomfortable. I have been given my own 'home colonic' system from the hospital which helps massively when I am really constipated. It's called Coloplast. I have also started drinking a probiotic again to see if this works. I would try anything if it helped my symptoms.

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  • Hi there so sorry to hear you are suffering.i can't help you but do hope you get some response from someone .

  • Have you tried Linzess ( Constella ). Sounds like you have had a rough time.

    How is the Coloplast working out ?

    I'm IBS c. Like you have tried lots of different meds etc etc.

    Just come off 3 weeks on linzess. It's wrecked me. Now I'm back to constipation.

  • I have also been taking Linzess, but not every day as it can make me feel uncomfortable and bloated and can't takyit during the day as I work. You say it has wrecked you - how so? I also take high doses if magnesium citrate or oxide. I will reply to the main post with my suggestions.

  • Do you feel the magnesium works. As I've also tried lots of different herbal things but to no avail!

  • Definitely works. Better than anything and it is a natural. If I don't take it I don't go. You should try it. It is best to take on an empty stomach before bed with lots of water. Try some if the ones I mentioned and at a high enough dose.

  • Hi, never heard of linseed. Scared to try new stuff as it just ends up making my constipation worse!

  • It a type of laxitive, it's works differently. If you are in the U.K. it's prescription only.

  • That was meant to say linzess!

  • I also have exactly same problem as you. Rectoceole and have the Coloplast system. I don't use it often as I work. Does it work well do you? What I do is take a high amount of magnesium citrate or oxide. About 800 to 1200mg. I have had Ibs c almost my whole life and am now in my fifties. This is the best natural supplement to take for this condition and I have tried many. Even my consultant recommended it. I take it every day. You must take it on an empty stomach just before bed with lots of water. I would start with a high dose initially just to clear you out. Even if it means taking a few capsules. I sometimes take 6 200mg capsules. Capsules are the best not tablets and it has to be citrate or oxide as these are the ones that work for constipation. There is a lot of information about constipation and magnesium on the internet. There is a site called Ibs tales that discusses this. The ones I take are either Now foods Magnesium citrate, Solgar Magnesium Citrate or Life extensions. I get mine from the US on a site called iHerb, but you can get them on Amazon. There are other magnesium oxide products specifically for colon cleansing called Mag 07, Colosan and Oxypowder. They are a bit expensive but are amazing. I use these in between. No cramps no bloating, just relief. You can get these on Amazon as well. Don't suffer any longer. By the way I also follow a low fodmap diet through a dietician but this alone does not help constipation. Let me know how you get on.

  • Thanks for this. I did try mg citrate last year but I don't think I took a high enough dose. Plus I'm super nervous about trying new things now.

    I think I'll give it another try. Does it cause urgency, after the linzess experience I'm cautious.

  • Aaah thank you so much for your response. I will definitely try the magnesium! The coloplast does work and it does clear me out and make me feel empty but it's not something I use every day or week just when I'm really bad. I have also tried the low fodmap diet but find it very difficult to follow without a dietician guiding me! Definitely getting the magnesium though.

  • This was my third attempt with linzess.

    My last attempt was awful, I had horrendous diarrhoea every single day. The dr said it should settle down so I was determined to give it as long as I could but I became weak , little appetite , tired.

    Had to stop(again).

    My diet is super good, I exercise Yes done The Fodmap diet for couple of years. Need daily help for a BM

    Mg citrate or oxide which one do you think works best ? Thanks

  • Hi please see my reply on this message tag re magnesium. If you don't see it I will send it again. It can cause some urgency, but not like Linzess and you can control it. Also you can adjust he dose as you see fit and as you need.

  • Thanks Pat1 I did see it. I think I might give it another try. As you pointed out I can control the dose, unlike linzess, you either take it or you don't and if you do it's harsh.

  • Have you tried colpermin I was prescribed loads of different stuff from doctor which didn't work but colpermin did

  • I have tried colpermin in the past, but didn't think it made a massive difference. Thanks for your reply c

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