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IBS low starch diet ??

Hi there. It's been a while since I've posted on here, happy & healthy new year to you all.

I have had ibs for years years. This seems to have reached another level since my hysterectomy in November 2014. Along with my ibs symptoms of pain, trapped wind, mostly "cow pat" bowel movements but sometimes constipation, I am now experiencing awful aches & pains ( lower back, thighs, feet, shoulders & now fingers on right hand). I have done some delving on the Internet and found a book by Carol Sinclaire called The IBS LOW STARCH DIET. She has been through the mill herself by the sounds of it with her IBS & AS. I have noticed myself in my food diary for intolerances, that bread,rice, pasta, beans & sauces can set me off in all directions with IBS and aches & pains.

My question is has anyone tried this ? It (can) be a bit extreme if any starch at all upsets you.

I also just wanted to put this information out there in case anyone else gets these pains as well as their IBS symptoms.

Anyway, it's an interesting read.


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Hi Agood

Yes I have tried low starch and still do ....and low insoluble fibre ,if you're ibs d...I know it goes against the grain but it does stop cramps , pain and wind.....as well as " urgent bathroom visits" give it a try even for a few days and see the difference xx if it doesn't suit then try something else

Lin61 xx ps try Apple cider vinegar (raw braggs) for cow pat bms x

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Can u pls tell me wot foods contain low insoluble fibre ?


Hi. villages2

Insoluble fibre is generally speaking either the skins or seeds of veggies and plant food that our bodies can't digest and speeds up the passage through the gut, so in my body it gives me diarrhoea, so foods low, but have soluble fibre are potatoes white rice, but these are starchy foods and may give you problems with gas. That's the problem everyone is different, wheat is also a problem for me, but to keep it simple insoluble Fiber speeds things up....and soluble slows things down or that's what suppose to happen. You probably know already but all meats have no Fiber.

Hope it helps Lin61

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Also try garlic and parsley tablets and a good probiotic as fermentation may be happening.

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I never had IBS before my hysterectomy - could call it a ' cast iron ' stomach. I could eat anything n everything. Had my complete abdominal hysterectomy in 1992 n since within a year got the lot...

Went back to gp who said " can't possibly be connected to your hysterectomy " so since then I've been trying everything.

Have not had the awful pains you are now experiencing but I regularly read the posts on here n do attempt to try each remedy, one at a time.

Over the years some help n others make it worse, so just carry on plodding through the different suggestions.

At present i take probiotic pills, 4 every morning, peppermint oil capsules, baby colic/gripe water, helps me with bad stomache aches !! N Imodium if I have something special planned.

Good luck with your ' search! ' take care.

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It really is like walking a mine field isn't it ???

Thank you all for your replies & your help, it really helps me to know I'm not alone with this. I do wish you all the best health you can have.


Hi Villagw2

Just saw your post saying you had absolutely no digestive probs until your complete hysterectomy and your doctor dissed that suggestion. Well I had a complete hysterectomy in 1988 after which all the symptoms of IBS began to appear. I have always maintained this to various GPs and consultants. Am always met with blank stares and no reply.

There are times when we know our own bodies best !!

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Hi Helen37

Have always said that my IBS wos caused by my hysterectomy.

When we moved from southern England upto norfolk I signed on with a new gp. She is a lovely lady n went to see her to try n get some meds for the IBS. Got talking n said this didn't start till after my op n told her everybody had said not connected.

Well, she said that type of surgery going in thru stomach , totally disturbs the complete bowel. Apparently some surgeons push to one side n others lift out bowel to get to uterus behind, so everything is moved.

Anyways years later you r the first to have the same previous history as me !!

Back to ibs, I am now taking windsettlers for my awful wind n find it really helps. No wind no tummy aches ! A result for me at least !


Hi villages2.

Thanks for getting in touch. Your doc sound great. Have just signed on with a new surgery and am going to broach the subject again I feel more confident to do so now. You are also the first one I have heard this from. I control my symptoms by diet (FODMAP) and medication ( Amitriptyline)helped a lot but still have bad days. Do you mind if I ask if you follow a diet where you must avoid certain foods? And any other medication

as well as wind settlers? Also which wind settlers do you take?

I would be so interested in your reply.

Meanwhile, enjoy your new lease of life in Norfolk.

From Helen37


Hi Helen37

Thx for reply.

I eat most things, not allergic to any dairy or wheat etc.

Avoid cauliflower, broccoli, onions, leeks etc n fruit with any skin I peel.

I buy my Windsetlers from family saver chemist, 100mg strength - for then relief of flatulence, wind pain, bloating etc. help me a lot !!

Also take daily probiotic pills, peppermint capsules, natural,yoghurt n when tummy ache is really bad baby gripe/colic medicine, really gentle on tummy.

rosie123 tried it after I posted on here. She says it helps her too !!

Do let me know wot your gp says. 👍

Been up here in norfolk for 12 years 😍😍


Many thanks for your reply villages2.

I will be in touch again after seeing doc, but don't hold yr breath. Prob have to wait 3 weeks for appt. meanwhile thanks again. Helen.


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