urgent advice please for gas

past several years i have been suffering bloating and trapped gas which causes my abdomen or stomach to constantly rumble which is incredibly embarrassing. been to doctors had blood test they say nothing wrong and i have ibs. tried buscopan doesn't work. i don't care about my pain i just want to get rid of my rumbling stomachas i have been bullied nearly all my life for it. i just joined uni and i ccan't afford for this problem to last any longer as i feel really depressed about it. Nothing i tried work i will be ever so grateful if i could get help from you guys :**)

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  • I have been in a similar position and can appreciate what you're going through. However, I am getting better, so have some confidence that people's symptoms can improve. There's a variety of advice I and others on here could give, but it would be useful to know what you've tried before and how they worked out.

  • I find that having long gaps between food and particularly getting over hungry will make gas much worse. It can be incredibly painful to the point it puts me off having days out as when it really builds up there can be mucus too. diet has a big effect too, I very rarely eat anything fried or greasy as I will pay the price later.

  • Agree with both of those things. I found that fried wheat-based products e.g. batter was definitely the worst.

  • I know that imodium is particularly for diahrrea ..but i noticed that when i take it my gas troubles get better too especially when going out ..i suffer the same as yours ..constant gas (party) inside my stomach ..pressure ..bloating ..ect

    One point about the imodium ..if you plan to take it ..it should be at least one hour before eating anything inorder for it to work efficiently ..as i noticed there is no use to take it with food or directly before meals .

  • my review is about the original imodium ..Not the other version called (imodium +gas) ..this + type is supposed to target diahrrea and gas at the same time because they add to it the ingredient (simethicone ) that helps to expel gas bubbles out of the body so that you feel relieved ..didn't work for me though because it locked me in the bathroom as you will constantly need to (expel ) 😳..sorry for that 😓

  • Maybe try cutting out trigger foods such as wheat or dairy for a couple of weeks to see if that helps.

  • yes I find eating little and often helps more. 😊

  • Deflatine or charcoal capsules work for some people.

  • Can you advise about using Charcoal capsules - I've heard that they can cause constipation and make things worse??????

  • I'm going to try the paleo diet as it cuts out dairy and grains. Whilst trying to look for some imodium and charcoal tablets whilst cutting out fizzy drinks and junk good. Thank you guys for your insight

  • Mint tea , &' slippery elm' from a herbalist , the one in Leeds market is excellent .

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