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Hi All

I have struggled with my stomach for years now and have been for blood tests for everything. I was advised to go on the fodmap diet and went to the group sessions. I found it did help but didn't eliminate the issue.

I see people say they are IBS c or d etc? how do you know what you are? as my doctor just said it seems like you have IBS???

I find Milk does always effect my stomach but finding it so hard to know exactly what foods set me off. some times I have upset stomach or sometimes I have stomach cramps.

are there any medicines that I can take to help reduce the pains/upset?


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  • The IBS C or D is just whether you suffer from mainly Constipation or Diarrhoea. For some it is predominantly one or the other. I have found taking Peppermint oil tablets and Silicolgel work pretty well for me.

  • thank you! just realised how obvious that was know :)

    will try both of those! thanks again

  • Haha yeah it took me a while to figure out what it meant too. Good luck!

  • I have had issues since October. Colonoscopy showed 'possible, IBS. Diarrhoea then Constipation. My issues are definitely food related one of the worse things is processed foods. I can eat bread from our local brilliant baker who does not put additives in. When I eat out - pub grub is likely to provide mash which is reconstituted, makes me ill. I try to eat something than cannot be adulterated like skin on wedges. I don't use anything with additives at home. More nasty things in gluten free stuff than natural stuff, gluten free things make me feel Unwell. Even wine is better for me when organic (not easy to find and expensive). I can eat cheese so long as it not messed about with. (I.e. Square). I cannot drink anything fizzy (including prosecco - very sad). Trial and error.

  • Hi there,

    You may find this article helpful:https://sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/food-intolerance-and-ibs-what-are-you-reacting-to/


  • Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". Today he is even more correct than ever. Today's food is full of "improvers" meaning chemicals which we are not designed to eat. You mention milk which is probably the food that has been tampered with the most. Have a look on the Internet for a supplier/farmer who is selling raw milk near you. It is full of all the vitamins you need, milk from the supermarket should not be called milk no matter what form it's in.

    Bread too should be 100% wholemeal and organic if possible. Have a look at this article and you will see what you are lacking when you buy supermarket rubbish: healthscams.org.uk/the-whit... Try making your own; I make all the bread using the recipe which you will find by clicking the button at the bottom of that article. I make two at a time and put one in the freezer for later in the week; it also saves oven use.

    Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables too are good foods. The digestive system is an organ of bulk. Try to avoid medicines your gut flora doesn't like them too much.

    I hope that helps a bit. Tibbly

  • Watch for ingredients that might be in a lot of different foods. Corn is my enemy, and it's in just about everything pre-made, in the form of cornstarch, fructose, syrups etc. You might have a similar trigger that's found in almost everything. Making food yourself, including sauces gives you control of what goes in.

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