Gp says I have ibs

So I have been told after test for celiac disease etc I have ibs, but I have felt a lump and went to my gp about it on my stomach and she said it was a fatty lump and I was sent away.

2 weeks later I found another on my left side of my stomach and I don't know what to do.

Anyone in the ibs community developed lumps or what not ? And should I just go get the new lump checked ? 

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  • Hi. I understand your concern about lumps, they dont always bring good news, do they? However some lumps are benign, and are just hardened lumps of fat, called lypoma's. I have them in my arms, back, tummy and thighs...usually where there is a bit of fat distributed. I've had a few removed, but they do tend to return, which is a nuisance because sometimes they look unsightly and sometimes they hurt. My lypoma's are situated near the surface of the skin and can be felt quite easily. so far, none have been responsible for anything serious. If you are concerned by all means go back to another doctor for a second opinion.  Hope this helps. Reassurance will ease your mind.

  • I too had a lump. I was told for 2 years it was ibs related. It grew and grew, I could move it around but was told I was feeling the end of my bowel.  Anyway after a bit of persuasion my GP finally sent me for a scan, patting me on the back as I left the surgery saying " trust me they won't find anything". Long story short I had an ovarian cyst which was by then 10cm by 15cm and at the risk of bursting !!! One total hysterectomy later (which could have been avoided) I would advise anyone with lumps to insist on a scan or biopsy or do what I wish I had done and paid for a second opinion.

  • Hi you have had some great advice from people in the know. Personally, I would never, leave to chance a lump anywhere, GPs blame so much on IBS, when really they don't have a clue. Insist on a scan, it's your right and they shouldn't deny you this. Good luck and hope all goes well. Take care.

  • I'd get it checked out to ease your mind, it will probably turn out to be gas! Sounds weird but i've seen a lot of posts from ibs sufferers who get lumps around their abdomen area and I personally have experienced this. I keep getting a lump on my left side on and off, colonoscopy and scan showed that there was nothing sinister. I now know it's just gas, try drinking peppermint tea; massaging the area with the lump and see if it helps to expel any trapped air..... but if you are worried there is no harm in getting it checked out for peace of mind. Hope you get it sorted. Xx

  • You should get it checked and if you are not happy with the doctor see if you can see another one.  Best of luck

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