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I’ve been having stomach pains niggles ect that are all over my stomach and are now to the mid and bottom left of my stomach it’s been 2 months now I’ve been doctors hospital and even went private cos I was so worried I’ve always had problems with my stomach and IBS but never this bad

My symptoms are constipation/diarrhoea sometimes in the same toilet stomach ache pains not sever

Tireness/dizzy ness


Back pain

Hip pain


Feeling sick

Going a wee lot more and sometimes feeling like I’ve not emptied

Also mucus in stool not much but bits

I had a bad cause of stomach flu which the hospital said it was back in February

Since then I’ve spoke. To around 5 doctors on the phone and in person

I went to a private hospital just to get a better understanding he checked my stomach then checked me through my rectum and looked in2 my bowel he was great and said he thinks it’s IBS along woth stress and aniexy

In the last 6 months I’ve had stool test blood tests and urine test and ultra sound

The doctor had me do a bowel inflammatory stoool test and it’s cos back borderline He asked me to do another 1 and said if it comes back the same he would do a camera but because of the pandemic he would give me antibiotics worried does anyone else have these symptoms or had pain this long it used 2 b a day or 2 or have diarrhoea ect IBS

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Also Iam taking Omeprazole and probiotics

It all sounds like ibs, those doctors will tell you for sure.

Try a bit of ginger tea or capsules once or twice a day, they might give you some relief.

Tommyb1 in reply to Thehandyman

Thank u for ur reply much appreciated il try it

If you want to take a lead while waiting for your camera or other tests, please do the following:- Stop drinking alcohol and all fizzy drinks, stop eating peanuts, sweetcorn, Brussel sprouts and baked beans. Keep a food and pain diary so that you can see, at a glance, which foods caused which pains and how long it took to get the pain as well as how severe the pain was.

Thank u I have started a diary the pain has got better just need 2 to completely go now as it’s doing my head in gotta do another stool test b4 they send me for the camera thank u for ur reply

Dear Tommy b1. I strongly suggest you take strong peppermint capsules. I was on NHS mint caps 50mg 3td but no luck. After a while bought h and Barrett 200mg caps. I took 3 at breakfast dinner and at night; 9 caps a day in all. Only trouble h and Barrett caps 12 99 for 120. Then I found a UK company which charged 12.99 for365 caps ; one third h and b price. Been better ever since. I had been ibs c and d for 2 and a half years. Try it everyone if you can afford it. Worked for me and I was in v. Severe pain 24 7. Please persevere. I had tried every think else incl Symprove Alflorex and Bimuno. I dearly hope this may help. My love to all you poor ibs warriors out there. Never stop trying to feel better. You deserve it. Xxxxxxx

Tommyb1 in reply to Cozmarine

Thank u so much for ur reply I will try them much appreciated take care x

Cheaper peppermint caps 12.99 for 365 from UK company Transforme

Sorry to hear you've been unwell. It does sound like IBS.

IBS can be due to a number or combination of factors - these can be stress (including stress from early life experiences) which impacts the communication between the brain and the digestive system. There are lots of free webinars online at the moment regarding mindfulness meditation which might help. Plus you can ask to be referred for CBT or something similar to reduce your anxiety - I would have thought online appointments are available. Exercise can play a major role in IBS in terms of reducing stress, helping your gut microbiome and regulating bowel movements.

There is also not absorbing certain types of carbohydrates called FODMAPs very well, the residue ending up in the colon and bacteria feeding off them causing symptoms. Ordinarily feeding gut bacteria is a really good thing - when you feed good gut bacteria these produce by-products that have great health effects in the gut and throughout the body. However, in some people with IBS bad bugs might have the upper hand over good - these bad bugs may cause symptoms such as pain or disordered bowel movements. This is why it’s worth trying probiotics such as Alflorex (which has been scientifically studied for IBS) or Symprove to crowd out the bad bugs and make their numbers die down. I see you are trying probiotics but it depends what's in them, whether what is in them works for you and your own microbiome make up - I have tried other probiotics, but Alflorex worked best for me. If that doesn't work you can try the FODMAP elimination and reintroduction diet. This is normally under the guidance of a nutritionist via GP referral - this may not be possible at the moment so you can read about it online. If you download the Monash University FODMAP app it will tell you which foods contain FODMAPs and in what quantities. You can eliminate all FODMAPs for 2 weeks and then introduce each type of FODMAP one at a time starting in small quantities and wait 2-3 days for symptoms. I go much slower than this - only introducing a small amount of the same food for 3 days and then increase if tolerable or no symptoms and cut back to the previous amount if symptoms. I've read your microbiome can adapt to handling a new food if introduced very slowly. Ideally you want to eat as many FODMAPs as you can since they are good for your health. Many people with IBS don't have diverse gut bacteria - it has been found that people who lack a diverse microbiome are more prone to diseases in general. In the long run, if you can get your symptoms under control, the ideal situation is to have a very varied diet - lots of different coloured fruits and vegetables, a variety of protein and carbohydrate sources including cereal fibres. This may seem a long way off, but with the right treatment all of this is possible. Last year all I could consume to control my IBS was white rice, protein and limited low fodmap veg. Using the approach above (particularly introducing Alflorex) I am now able to consume far more foods - more than I've ever dreamed of including wholewheat bread which is unheard of for me.

I see that you are also suffering from pain. You may be suffering from visceral hypersensitivity (functional abdominal pain) - there is info about it here:


It is where the brain interprets the normal activity of the bowel as pain - this is due to a wearing down of neurons in pain control centres of the brain which can be caused by PTSD, neglect or abuse in childhood, extreme stressful events etc. The first line treatment is nerve pain agents such as low dose amitriptyline. There is a theory that being on something like amitriptyline for 6-12 months can help the pain control centre neurons to regenerate. Note that amitriptyline can cause constipation, but this can be helpful in people who are diarrhea dominant. Unfortunately I couldn't tolerate these. Linaclotide for IBS-C & Alflorex have helped me with this intestinal pain.

You may also find assistance with anti-spasmodic medication such as mebeverine (Colofac) or enteric coated peppermint.

You can find some info on self management here:


Tommyb1 in reply to xjrs

Thank u for ur reply I will try what u said I e always had IBS but never a 2 month flare up I’ve been so stressed and my aneixty has gone mad which I k ow is so bad for it Iam not in severe pain it’s just an ache and a niggle here and there but it’s sometimes constant on the bottom left stools have been verying for hard like constipation to a dierrah with texture of that make sense but again thank u for ur reply much appreciated x

Sound similar I had a colonoscopy and they got rid of a small polyp but I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia about 2 years ago .now on omeprazole daily for that .but was diagnosed with diverticulitis ,not uncommon but one conditions advise contradicts the other currently on metradiazole and it feels like my stomachs been stripped but I cant physically see a doc thing heading toward IBS but mucus yep and differing poos .trying to work out what can and cant eat but feel like I need to go all time .and usually do when I try .and wee yep more often .just got to wait .unenjoyable and effects life

Tommyb1 in reply to Respo

Thank u for ur reply my doctor did say it wasn’t diverticulitis when he checked Iam just waiting to do my 2nd stool test on nose inflammation which last 1 come back borderline he said if it comes back the same they would normally do a camera but cos of the pandemic he would just give medicine thanks for ur reply

No worries mate hang in there that's what I am doing in bloody agony buscopan antibiotics and hot water bottle

Tommyb1 in reply to Respo

Cheers mate u 2

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