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A year later and my IBS D is back! :(

Hey everyone, So to recap a little, summer 2016 I had terrible terrible IBS -D where you I couldn't eat anything other than rice, banana, eggs and potatoes without having a horrible tunny upset for neat 2 months. I didn't go out I just stayed home just about managed work and ate boring food that basically made me lose weight but gain fat, at least that's how it appeared! I decided to say a big F you to my IBS and go out for lunch and I had some Kombucha tea and miraculously my IBS - D was gone! I could eat any and all things for the entire winter and had no issues at all, it was amazing! Then summer came around and my IBS- D started creeping back, I'm not exactly sure why? Maybe the heat? Maybe and most likely because I had some worries that really stressed me out, started having bad sleep and not feeling good and then to add to it my IBS gets bad again!

But I have discovered that if I take imodium plus comfort, my diarrhea stops, as does any of the pain and taking 1 or 2 on only one occasion can mean I have an amazingly normal stomach and bowel movements for over a week sometimes! Other times it gives me horrible painful constipation. So while taking imodium has helped be be able to do more things it really isn't a cure, at first it seemed to get my stomach back on track but now it just pauses everything and comes back again a few days/ week later and I'm back to square one. It is also probably my own fault that once I have taken imodium I allow myself to eat all kinds of food whether good or bad, but it's so hard that when you feel normal, not all to indulge a bit you know?

I feel like having IBS I should know what to do, and in part I do know, I need to eat healthy/eat plain and not eat junk food or sweet things or dairy greasy foods (I think these are all bad for me) and I need to hope my stomach gets the message. I have kombucha tea but I can't see it helping this time. I even bought bentonite clay which helped for a few days then I had epic stomach upsets.

This time last year my stomach was better and now it isn't.

I am just feeling at a bit of a loss at what to do. I do know what I should do actually. I should eat 100% plain, I should start exercising, I should do yoga and meditation to stay calm and relaxed and I have started acupuncture which does help in relaxing me. Then I need to see if any of this actually makes a difference. I must do it!

I also read that fasting/ intermittent fasting can be really great for those with IBS.

Does anyone have any positive experiences with fasting or any new recommendation for IBS D?

I am just having one of those days where I can't help but need to complain a bit and I feel like it's all my friends ever hear! Don't get me wrong I am a very light hearted person and I can make a joke out of it often! And I know I shouldn't focus on it! I feel like every other conversation would my close friends of boyfriend starts with 'oh my stomach was awful this morning' or 'i had to run home today before I pooped myself'. Talking about it a lot is actually why I stopped posting in this group so much as sometimes I think you can focus too much on something and over think! - I am a huge over thinker. But at the same time this group is really helpful and it's nice to talk to people who understand!

Thanks for taking the time to read this ! And I hope all your (and my) IBS troubles disappear within the hour! :)

Ps- after writing this I do feel spurred on to eat plain, try the fasting and the yoga and exercise! I will start today and hope I can stick with these changes to see an actual change! And try not to rely on imodium!

And to let you know what I have been taking:

I had been taking bimuno everyday and initially it helped and now I'm not sure sure.

I have stopped this for a little while, while I drink kombucha tea every morning.

I have fybogel everyday but I am going to run out soon so I really need a replacement.

I have buscopan but I don't use it so often now, mainly sometimes when I go out to eat.

Hot water helps with bloating.

I tried drinking Bentonite clay with water as I read it can help IBS d/c but it helped for the 2 days I took it and then my stomach went down hill, I don't know if it is something you can take daily and it leaves you feeling very full and gurgly so I'm not sure I would want to take it daily!

Rice for lunch today, then maybe rice or potatos or boiled eggs and rice cakes for dinner! And I'm going to fast all day tomorrow! I'll keep you posted with not results! And I'm sorry this is such a long message!

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It's good to talk about it all I think. Ibs is so closely linked to our mental health that getting things off your chest is helpful. And here is a good place cos we all understand.

I have recently diagnosed ibs d and find stress and tiredness a big 'flare-er' (made up word). Also greasy stuff, my ibs has improved recently but I still have slightly worse days when I've eaten junk (xmas 😬). I'm sure you can eat more than just rice and potatoes though, try find a balance. I keep a food diary, well it's a whole ibs diary as I'm noting my symptoms and my feelings too. This is proving useful to pin point some triggers.

Good luck with everything oh and I'm going to try the tea you mentioned so thanks 👍🏻

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Thank you for responding to my essay! It certainly is good to talk about it and IBS is 100% linked to stress - especially for me so it's better out than in, like most things I suppose! But I think it's good for us to remember that we are normal and to sometimes push ourselves to do normal things instead of saying at home by the loo! That's what I think helped me get better last time! But I just popped an imodium so I can make it to my acupuncture later as the idea of being covered in needles and needing the loo does not appeal to me one bit lol

My stomach goes through phases and due some stress and eating junk food (Xmas too lol) it has gotten much worse!

It all depends on how my stomach is doing, at times I can eat all foods then times like this I should try and keep it very very plain - which is just rice and eggs and potatoes and crackers, but it shouldn't be forever it almost gives my stomach a break I think?

I just read about someone trying something called the Dukan diet, where you only eat protein and veggies for a time and apparently it works wonders on reseting your stomachs good and bad bacteria! So I shall look in to it, even though sometimes I wonder if being a veggie might make life easier?

Good luck with your IBS D and do try the Tea and let me know how you get on :)

Oh and a food diary is a very good idea! I really should do that! I feel like when my stomach is like this it can react to everything, so maybe I need to get past this stage but food diary is a good idea!

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Hi MinaFox i do feel for you. You could try ordinary bran instead of Fybogel. It is much more pleasant just put it on your food or mix with milk. I thought this helped me and i shall start again as you have reminded me. I have recently downloaded a copy of the FODMAP that tells you what to eat and what to avoid. I was amazed that onions were a "no go" food. Good luck


Thank you for your response! I have found that certain fibres are not good for me but soluble fibre is the best, hence using fybogel ! But I have just bought some psyllium husk powder and will try that instead as a drink or mixed with food! I am also trying fasting too in the hope it gives my stomach a break! I am going to look up fodmaps again and perhaps see about avoiding certain foods! I feel like I read garlic might be one as well! And I love all foods with garlic lol! But I think maybe sometimes a break is all we need for our stomachs to recover a bit! Feel better xx


The FODMAP says avoid garlic and onion as a first step. You can use garlic oil. All good wishes.


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