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Question about IBS d

Hi I just wanted to ask some questions about IBS d. I was recently diagnosed with IBS d. I wanted to get a feedback about how people with IBS d cope at work. Also my doctor has asked me to follow the low FODMAP diet and exercise which I am doing. Besides that he told me to take a number of blood tests and stool and urine tests. After seeing them he has now asked me to do a urine culture and a sonography of the abdomen. He had prescribed me enzispor to improve my gut bacteria but has now asked me to stop taking the same. He has only prescribed me with a vitamin tablet. Can you suggest what questions should I ask him. Also I want to know in case I have a flare up in future what medications I should ask my doctor to prescribe me as a precaution.

I also feel as if whatever I eat I am going to have a upset stomach even though I am following the FODMAP diet as required. Does anyone else feel the same. What to do in that case. Does fasting help in IBS d. I know these are a lot of questions. But I just can’t seem to get them out of my mind. I hope to get some good feedback here. Please.

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Hi I’ve just read your post do not fast it’s not the right thing to do eat little and often chew your food well stay away from fatty food and white bread drink a lot but not coffee water or very mild tea try to use fat free milk for cereal in the morning and for hot drinks stay on the diet if you get pain use bus cop an but beware to many can cause constipation I’ve had ibs d for 15 years and I try to keep to this way of life but I still get flare ups and try not to eat what caused it again remember the is no one fix for this you have to learn as you go keep a food diary if you must it helps . Good luck and I hope this helps a bit .allen

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Thanks for your reply Allen. This definitely helps a lot. I am just so worried all the time. My symptoms are not so severe but I fear if I don’t improve I will never be able to work again and I need to work as I support myself. It feels good to be able to ask questions and get some answers here.


You can always get support on here don’t worry to much as that will make you worse if you manage it you can still have a healthy life and work , sounds like you have a good Gp but im here if you have any questions please ask ?? Allen

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Thanks so much again.


Sorry it should be stay away from coffee only and it’s buscopan . Allen

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Fasting is not a good idea. Your body needs nourishment. It sounds like your doctor is on top of your situation. I would just follow his instructions and see what he advises you to do after finishing the tests.

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Thanks for the reply.



All I would add to the above is that I find peppermint oil very effective to reduce bloating and wind, rather than Buscopan, which I took for several years.

I use Colpermin capsules and take one a day before breakfast.

I also take Holland & Barrett Acidophilus (3 billion) -two a day a few minutes before the Colpermin.

I’d recommend Dr Michael Mosley’s book, ‘The Clever Guts Diet’ too.

I hope things soon improve for you.

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I will definitely look into it. Thanks for your reply.


I take merbentyl 20 mg tablets I've tried all of the others but these suit me it's all trial and error with Ibs d what will suit one person won't help another. I'm also wheat free and lactose intolerant some days I can eat well others I'm on plain toast. I'm in the middle of a flare up at the moment it really knocks your confidence always needing to know we're a toilet is just in case. I've found wearing tenna under wear when I go out gives me some reassurance. Good luck

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One of my biggest fears is also having an accident not being able to reach a toilet in time. I definitely agree about the confidence part. It definitely knocks your confidence. Hope you get through your flare up soon. Thanks for your reply. It’s nice to connect with people going through the same. 😊


Hi I wear Tena Lady pants all the time. Not great when ur young but it makes me feel confident if i go out and u do get used to wearing them. Also i made sure i take my Imodium in the morning and early after afternoon if I'm going out. I'm going to a private clinic in Wed 14th to get an Intolerance test to see what that says. I don't eat much either but don't fast. Just eat what u canI get drinks from Wishaw General. There called Fresubin u can get then milky or juicy. I also have Gastro Resistant Peppermint Oil tablets and Buscopan and i bought Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules which has peppermint oil in it. I take Codine and Paracetamol for pain. I hope with helps. I'm sorry ur worrying so much I'm the same but it doesn't help. Take care.


Thanks so much for your reply. I will definitely look into everything you said. I live in India so many things are not available here. I will need to find the similar substitute here. I can definitely ask my doctor for it but.

I try not to worry. But sometimes can’t help. Even though my symptoms are not too sever still but I can’t help worrying. I really want to work and be productive. I love what I do and I want to do it well.


I have both IBS d and c depends as I have a nervous stomach as well. To,help manage mine I have foods that I am allergic to or I am intolerant to so I stay away from them. In the morning I take inulation it’s a powder I mix in water along with that I add sea aloe which is a whole food liquid vitiamin then I take body biotics, glutamine, moducare and allegany digestive enzymes. Before I eat any thing then about 1/2 hour later I eat. I take the moducare and glutamine before bed too. This really helps me manage mine with out doctors. I went to a knesiologist for years and she helped me more then a regular doctor.


That sounds wonderful. I shld definitely ask my doctor about the same. Glutamine powder I have heard about. Many ppl have told me it is good. I will be sure to ask my doctor about everything you mentioned. Are you able to manage your symptoms well with these remedies.



I have found that changing my eating habits has no effect. I eat whatever, smoke and for breakfast I eat eggs with bacon or sausage and finish it off with a Pepsi! Most people do coffee, I drink Pepsi!

After months of cutting out each of the above ( yes, even smoking), nothing changed.

Besides depriving myself of things I enjoy it did no good. This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and after joining this group am convinced I have made the right decision..

I have a friend and my mother that both have the same issue. We all are at our worst in the morning and most generally after breakfast. I know that the anxiety is the number one instigator. Having said this I now wake up, smile, am aware that I will have issues periodically with the IBS and tell myself “so what”? Bad day, deal with it, could be worse. There are people who could only wish this was their only problem!

Attitude is everything, anxiety has no place in my life. I still have days but well, there ya go. After reversing my thinking every time I start swaying towards the negative I am happier and do more than I have in years! I’m not going to stay home afraid to live life, not eat fun food, drink water all day, worry myself sick and whatever happens, happens, if I have an “acccident” while out, oh well. As for panic, I have never passed out in public or died and don’t think I will. And guess what, after having the IBS blood test, which eased my mind knowing IBS was indeed the culprit. I had blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.... Im healthy and knew it was just me, my anxiety causing all this. I have changed my mental thinking and am totally excited to say, I don’t even feel the urge now!!!!!!

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That’s just amazing to hear. 😊most forums I have seen always give a grim picture of IBS. But I love your outlook to IBS. It’s so wonderful to connect with you. I only worry because I really love my work and would love to continue doing it well. But I am gonna take my cue from you and try not to worry about it. I actually don’t mind the restrictions in my diet. I am actually enjoying eating so healthy after many years. I agree IBS being the only problem should be okie.i also have noticed when I do manage to go out I am actually okie because I don’t think about my IBS all the while. I then realise it’s got a lot to do with the way I think.

Really it is lovely to connect with you. Hope to have more conversations with you. 😊

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may i ask what is the ( ibs blood test) ??

i didn't know that there is a specific blood test that proves we have ibs as i learned from my doctors that there is no clear pathological cause for this disorder !!

if there are any new testing tools out there like a blood test.. can you please give me the specific name of it ??


Hi Eternity78

Are you in the US?

It is called IBSChek, it is totally new. It just so happened that while at my doctors visit she offed it! I have extreme anxiety and she knew I would do no invasive testing of any kind. Out of the blue she said “would you be willing to take a blood test, the clinic just got the new IBS check, it can diagnose IBS by 98 percent and you’ll be the first. I jumped at it. It took a week to get results and mine came back 97 percent positive for IBS. The two hospitals in my area still don’t have the approval for the test yet but will soon.

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Thank you for your reply ..Unfortunately we don't have this test yet ..actually i live in a country where if you mentioned the term IBS to GPs ..they will just say" What" ??!! and then i have to explain the meaning of the term and the symptoms as if i'm in a lecture !! So .. yes we are still late and this ibsCheck is waaaaay too far for me to reach ..but at least knowing this new info sheds a light in the future of ibs research and that hopefully based on this, doctors can come up with real drugs addressing the root cause not just easing the symptoms like the current available approaches ..

Lucky for you to be the first one and thank you for keeping us updated 👍🌹


My pleasure and hopefully a test will come your way soon!


So glad you do go out and continue to work. I connected with my boss right when I started and explained my need to run if needed. She was most understanding. Most people are to embarrassed to say anything. We are all people, I am not embarrassed by it, just would kick myself all the time. Like I had any control, I enjoy this? But then I realized I did have control, mind over matter!

We are no different than anyone else, just the way we all think, many have anxiety, many. No one wants to draw attention to themselves, embarrass themselves, especially in public. The thought of it brings on the very emotions that are the root cause of the problem itself. I was so busy worrying about what others thought, strangers, that I forgot to remember me!

I have had anxiety since childhood, always the nervous kid, scared to do anything, always striving to please. I always was the fast talker, cracking jokes and everyone loved me. Because I was so busy trying to make everyone like me I never took the time to like myself or even know myself. I do now, I no longer care what others think of me, I don’t know them and most likely will never see them again! I love people, don’t get me wrong but not more than myself, not anymore!

I’m in a great place, my IBS has been almost nonexistent after forty plus years! When I do feel anxious once in a while I breath, smile, use calming techniques and it’s usually gone in minutes.

It’s nice to connect with you and keep me informed of you progress.

Btw, I have also found that all of the invasive tests they give are pretty much useless and not needed. This is my opinion only. I refused the invasive tests and took the IBS blood test. I was positive and I knew the reason was more mental than physical. When you wake up expecting the worst you have set the precedence for your day. Eating healthy is great and I knock no one for trying to be more healthy. I just don’t have the patience, have been lucky enough to be thin my whole life (probably from stress) and I like to eat whatever I’m wanting at that time!

Best of luck, keep in touch


Yes I agree about the invasive tests. They most of the times come back normal only. I don’t think we have a ibschk test in India. Will have to find out. My doctor is pretty up to date about all New procedures. Will have to ask him.

My IBS also started because of my stress at my last job. I was there for ten years but my bosses were not very understanding. For them killing yourselves for work was the norm. So I left. Even though I was up for s promotion I told myself my health needed to have priority right now. But I am managed to secure a new job and hope to start in April.

Well I have never been a healthy eater and I am overweight also. But I find that I actually enjoy eating healthy. But I do love chocolate. Which I have given up. Has been difficult but I guess if it means feeling okie I would not mind giving up that too.

I will definitely keep you updated about my progress. Thanks again. 😊


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through! I was recently diagnosed with IBS after a stomach virus/infection a year ago and still learning how to manage it. I seem to alternate between constipation and diarrhea, but when I get a diarrhea flare-up, the effects can last up to a few days. If it's really bad, I will take loperamide (Imodium) and an anti-spasmodic (here in the United States, we use Bentyl).

In order to give my gut a chance to heal, I'll eat light for a while, like lots of rice and oatmeal and banana. Strangely enough, my episodes usually occur at night, not in the morning like a lot of folks here. AND, it usually occurs when eating a large meal after not having eaten for a while (let's say, I've had lunch at 1pm but not eaten dinner until 9pm and not much in between). So yes, fasting is not a good idea..!

Stick with the FODMAP diet for a few weeks and keep a food diary. Hang in there. You are definitely not alone! It will get better :)


Thanks for your reply.


I was advised not to eat after 6pm and it does help and I now have my main meal at lunch time and a lighter one before 6pm.

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Okie. Maybe I should try that after talking to my doctor. Thanks for your reply.


Hope everything goes well for you take care x


Yes. Thank you. Feel like crap some days. But getting along. Trying not to think too much about it. 😊


How many times a day do you have diarrhoea ?

I don't like gps normally but your sounds like he is actually trying his best to help you. By the offer of tests and probiotics, vits.

...Where you from ?

Can you suggest what questions should I ask him.

...Depending where you live as all countries are different as to whats available.

...I would see if he can test your digestive enzymes levels.

...If your having diarrhoea alot of times a day and it comes on quick - i would tell him you want testing for bam/bad.

...What other symptoms do you have ? If you have alot of symptoms from the list for low stomach acid then ask for the test for low stomach acid.

Also I want to know in case I have a flare up in future what medications I should ask my doctor to prescribe me as a precaution.

... i don't recommend any drugs to anyone, after your gp does tests he can tell you for sure what medication you may need.

I also feel as if whatever I eat I am going to have a upset stomach even though I am following the FODMAP diet as required. Does anyone else feel the same...

...I to had this problem, way before fodmap diet, then i got put on that diet and it made my symptoms seriously bad.

What to do in that case.

...I took myself off the fodmaps diet. My dietitan didn't have a clue what foods i couldnt eat.

... i went private to a practitioner that tests for food intolerances so i knew what i could eat.

...I then went to a nutritionist who gave me a diet and tested me for alot of different things.

...Gave me a healing plan and left me completely symptoms free.

Does fasting help in IBS d.

... this question depends on so many things...

if your say overweight and eating say a junk food diet and your not producing enough digestive enzymes... then swapping to a whole food diet and having fasting periods can help some as it gives the body time to heal and start producing enzymes.

If say one is underweight and having diarrhoea alot of times aday then fasting would be a bad idea, because they would be deficient in vits/mins etc from consent diarrhoea so the body would require nutrients and weight gain asap.

I wouldn't of fasted myself.

The only other thing i would add is about diet. Learn to care for your body. Eat a whole food diet. Do not eat fried food or cow products, stay away from tea and coffee sugar, soda.

Drink 2l filtered water daily.

If you can find a qualified practitioner who is experienced in intolerance testing get one.

If not i can pm you a link which may be useful.

Once you find your root causes and heal you can add foods back in moderation.

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Went on Fodmapdiet 2 weeks ago after starting it had really bad flair up

Diarrhoea for over an hour would not stop,took some loperamide still would not stop was not until I had taken 3 loperamide it actually stopped for a while.

All told diarrhoea for 5 days on and off 3 days off now back again.

Please help.


Maybe you should chk for food intolerances. FODMAP normally suits everyone. I haven’t had any experience like that still.


can you please also PM me with the link to the food intolerance test ??

and may i ask how do we know that we have low stomach acid ? is there a test for it ?

from your informative reply ..i have noticed that you have mentioned many tests that are either not available here in my country or our doctors have no clue about them !!

I'm thrilled with the fact that when you took matters into your own hands and drive through your own healing path , you finally became symptom free !!

that really supports the old saying " listen to your body " .. Well done in your healing journey 👍Hope you continue to stay healthy and symptom free and never look back at this IBS dilemma again 🌹

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Nhs Gps can do tests for low stomach but most guess its high and send people home with antacids🙈

You may have to go on at gp for test if in england.

Il pm you a symptom list for low stomach acid etc

and how private practitioners can test.

Thank you your 1 of only a few who say that lol.

I will never go back to having ibs. As its just a term for a group of symptoms.

I get every single thing that can be a root cause checked regularly.

I have had it twice first time 8 years wasted in agony for the sake of a 45mins intolerance test, within 48 of cutting out appox 8 foods i was completely symptom free of over 30 symptoms.

4 years later i become ill again and was told ibs for life deal with it, here is drugs, i refused every single type for a year, after a year of agony, and stupid amounts of tests which apparently was all fine i was left to rot. I nearly died😩 literally.

So i went private, in days, 40 plus symptoms were dropping off. This time it took a year to fully heal.

I had lot of root causes.

Not only did ibs symptoms all disappear but frozen shoulder, bad tmj what i had had for years went to. So did my bad knee, wrist, finger, etc

I feel my age now lol, full of energy, get up at like 5am live life to the full, doing what i love every single day.

Pm me where your fromx


Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I actually don’t get diarrhoea more then three times a day. I don’t have very severe symptoms as of now.

Yes my doctor is actually really good. He’s one of the best gastroenterologist in my city. He’s was my fathers doctor for eight years and had a very big hand in saving his life many times( my dad suffered from adisons disease. So a bit of complications) So I completely trust him.

I am from Mumbai in India.

So I agree maybe I need to ask him some different questions as our diet and lifestyle is different. I will definitely ask him about the digestive enzymes test. And bam/bad tests and low acid in stomach tests.

I have been wondering about the food tolerance test. I am going to ask my doctor on my next visit about the same. But I would love if you can pm me the link for the same. I would like to go through it.

My doctor has asked me to eat more pluses and green vegetables ( FODMAP friendly of course). Currently I am following that and feel pretty okie.

I will definitely take everything into consideration and ask him all these questions in my next visit. 😊


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