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I am new to this website , and find it very interesting that other people are having problems due to ibs. It makes me feel I am fully not alone with ibs and the problems it causes on a day to day basis.

I am 19 and have Had ibs for about a year or so now, I have been to the doctors lots of times and have been told yes it sounds like ibs, I don't know about anyone else but all my first doctor seemed intrested in was just giving me different tablets to take and to see if they would help to improve my symptoms.

The only tablets that have helped me is peppermint capsules and buscopan for cramping pains.

Anyway recently my symptoms have got worse e.g bloted stomach. Stomach making very loud noises, cramping pains etc. I made another appointment, this time to see a new doctor, he is much better , more understanding etc. anyway I don't want to rumble on I have been back to see him recently he has given me lansoprazole.

The last few weeks I have been having wheat and gluten free products like lactose free milk and cheese to see if this helps. To be honest I have felt abit better but not totally 100%.

I was wondering has anyone else had much relieve from having wheat and gluten free products ?

Sorry in advance that I have rumble on. :)

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Yes gluten free and lactose free has made a big difference. You need to see your GP though to be referred to a gastroenterologist to be tested for other things before assuming it is IBS.

Katie-IBS in reply to Hidden

Hi sashapet, that's good you have had a huge benefit from gluten free and lactose free. As I have said in my previous message, I have been to the doctors many of times. I have had a couple of blood tests to rule out any other conditions and also have had last year an ultrasound scan. All the blood tests I have had and the ultrasound scan, have all come back fine.

I first noticed my ibs when I was taking paracetamol and codeine (described from my last doctor) as well as ibuprofen for really bad chronic back pain etc. after waiting for about 12 months I was finally given an MRI scan, which came back that I have got a bulging disk and trapped nerve (L4,L5) if my lower back. By the time I saw a back surgeon last year, my back had improve a lot luckily as I was quite close to having an operation on my lower back.

In my opinion, I do think the tablets have played a huge part of why I have ibs and most doctors and consultants that I have mentioned it to also agree that the tablets have caused or have brought on my ibs.

I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks so I will see what my doctor has to say, and because I have been having gluten free and lactose free, I have been keeping a food diary. I will also ask my doctor about referring me to a dietician etc.

Sorry that I have rumbled on again and thank you for taking the time to reply,

kind regards Katie

Hi Katie. It sounds like you haven't tried a low FODMAP diet yet? It is a little complicated but pretty successful in 70% of IBS cases. It is a bit tricky to start with and you should probably do it with advice from a dietician. However, getting to see your Dr and then getting to see a dietician can take a long time so maybe you could Google 'Monash FODMAP' and 'NHS FODMAP' to get an idea. Monash is an Australian university that developed the diet and they have an app that works well.

I'd suggest getting an appointment to see your GP and ask them about getting a definite IBS diagnosis and asking to be referred to a FODMAP trained dietician.

Katie-IBS in reply to James_A

Hi James _A , thank you for your advise. No I haven't tried a low FODMAP diet, but I was looking on the Internet the other day about ibs and I have seen also on this forum that other people have done the FODMAP diet. Have you yourself tried it ? If so have you had any benefits from it and what does the FODMAP consides of , just wondering? I will have a read about it as well.

I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks so I will see what my doctor has to say, and because I have been having gluten free and lactose free, I have been keeping a food diary. I will also ask my doctor about referring me to a dietician etc.

Thank you for taking your time to reply,

Kind regards Katie

James_A in reply to Katie-IBS

Yes I have been on it a while. It isn't a 100% solution but it has made a big improvement and it has eliminated the bloating and gurgling.

In layman's terms the diet eliminates certain food types that might ferment in the gut. It is this fermentation that causes a lot of IBS symptoms hence if you avoid things that ferment you will lose a lot of the symptoms - the F in FODMAP is for fermentable.

However, it doesn't cure the IBS, it just relieves the symptoms.

If you are the sort of person that likes to read, I'd recommend a light hearted book called Gut by Giulia Enders. It doesn't deal with FODMAP but it does help explain what is going on inside you.

Katie-IBS in reply to James_A

Oh right sound interesting and I will consider trying it, that's good you have had a some relieve and have seen the benfit. The symptoms I get are bloating, gurgling , cramping pains etc. As I have already mentioned I have beeb having gluten free and lactose free products. I have had some benefit from this by not having the bloating but still have the gurgling and the odd cramping pain here and there , probably when I have eaten something that doesn't agree with me.

I do like to read and would definitely take a look at the book you have mentioned. Where can you get this book from like places like Amazon etc ?

Katie-IBS in reply to James_A

Hello james_A,

I went to see my gp today as a follow up, as I have already mentioned in my previous messages I have had a huge benefit from gluten free and lactose free. My gp was alittle surprised I think and agreed that as I was having postive results from it to almost carry on doing it but also doing it one step at a time. Another postive thing I suppose is I have had more blood tests done today to check for different things like an intolerance to wheat or diary. my gp has also requested for me to have an scan. Step in the right direction I think anyway :)

James_A in reply to Katie-IBS

Hi. In my experience a thorough diagnosis of IBS usually involves a variety of tests to make sure that you don't have anything else wrong with you. For me this meant various blood tests and 2 colonoscopies (ouch!). If you are lucky enough to be near a decent hospital you can also have breath tests for lactose & fructose intolerance. I have just had mine done and am still awaiting the results. Fun, huh?

Katie-IBS in reply to James_A

Hi , I totally agree with what you say. And yes sounds like you have been though quite a few tests ! Certainly not fun at all as I can imagine for you.

As I said in my previous message, I to have now had various blood tests, won't get theses back until next week and now waiting for an appointment for an ultrasound scan. My gp did mentioned to me the other day about having an endoscope but I was a little 50/50 about it as I suppose I don't know to much about it and really would it be necessary but on the other hand it would show up a lot more than an ultrasound scan I suppose etc.

To be honest I feel a little rubbish to day I think I ate something yesterday that did not agree with me as I'm bloated again, stomach is making lovely load noises and the toilet is my best friend today ! :/

Hi Katie,

I have suffered from IBS for the last 5 years and have struggled with it. I went to the doctors several times still with no answers other then different medications prescribed to me. Which also same as yourself none of them worked !!

I have tried Gluten Free which helps but is very hard to stick by for rest of your life and as you have said doesnt make you feel 100%.

After trying everything possible Just over 3 months ago I came across a nutrition product called Sulustra, Purifica and Gracillia. I have been taking it for the last 7 weeks and its incredible....

My bloatness has gone my energy levels have gone up, I feel so much better in my self. These products are 3 different types of powder which you have in water to make a drink. Depending on your personal circumstances depends on how many scoops of each and which ones should be combined so your able to get the full benefit.

These products don't only help IBS, but since I have looked more into and now work with people and there conditions to try to help them they are also known to improve MS, Alzeimers, Arthritis, High blood pressure, Low energy levels and more... If your interested then send me an email to willispaige750@yahoo.co.uk and I will give you more information and can also set up a 6 week programme for yourself.


Katie-IBS in reply to pwillis53

Hi pwillis53,

Sounds like you have finely got some relieve from IBS and your symptoms. I do think it is certainly more of a struggle as we both have said when you go to the doctors on several occasions and they turn round and say yes it's ibs and they give you different tablets to try, almost like handing them out like sweets. It does frustrate me at times and yes i can understand what you mean by a struggle, I have had days where I am so bloated, cramping pains etc and you does feel like what the hell can I do and just wished someone could help or give me advise to feel normal again.

I do agree with what you say about gluten free, I have been on gluten free and lactose free products for about 2 weeks now. I thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose and to be fair I have already said, it has helped reduce the bloating now a lot. I feel 10 times better, just wished I could try and control my other symptoms more. I am hoping when I go back to see my doctor within a few weeks , he can refer me to a dietician or someone like that.

The nutrition you have mentioned I haven't heard of it myself, but it does sound like you have been having a lot of benefits from it these last several weeks.

I would like to find out more about the nutrition you have mention, I will send you a email.

Thank you for your reply,

Kind regards Katie

Hi, i initially avoided gluten and dairy on the FODMAP diet but found that there were no consistent improvements- so I started adding these back into my diet. For me the main culprits seem to be rich tomato based products, garlic, onion, processed foods like canned soup, convenience meals etc. Also I think when I'm stressed or tired my symptoms are worse. sometimes the plainer the food the better I feel. I have soy milk in my coffee and find I don't react to that. i now can have 'normal' bread and rice and pasta, I just be careful what I have with it, and have it in moderation.

Hi StephOz,

Thank you for your advise, very much agree with you and it's certainly not easy at first. It does sound like you have had some benefits and you can work out what foods are best to eat and to avoid.

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