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Hi All, just been diagnosed with IBS when the Endoscopy and Ultrasound were in conclusive when it was originally thought I had a Stomach Ulcer. I haven't had any real issues before so confused.

I have started FODMAP diet as GP suggested and taking 12wk Symprove one two weeks in now. Is it normal to get to 47 and suddenly get IBS in a man?

The reason I say this as most other friends and family I know with IBS are woman and have suffer ed from a young age teenagers.

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  • IBS is all gender and all age groups I'm afraid.

  • Our godson has ben diagnosed with IBS and he is mid 20's however has lead quite a sedentary life and eats a lot of processed foods. I myself was diagnosed with IBS in my early 50's (I am female) following a bout of food poisoning. For over 30 years I have found various food allergies/intolerances have increased. Last year I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis after what was thought to be food poisoning again, (however not in this case). Since being on FODMAP for over 2.5 years my symptoms have worsened, and a recent allergy test showed more foods to exclude! I have recently read about dysbiosis, which explains a lot of my symptoms, I wonder if this might be applicable to you? The site I found this on shows IBS, coeliac and non coeliac gluten intolerance are common in both men and women, I may not be able to quote the actual site name, but I will try; Gluten Free everything. I hope you can find some relief in your search for improvement in your health.

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  • I know I'm female but I was diagnosed 4 years ago at the age of 65

    Well do e to start the FODMAP diet yiu have a good GP

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  • Have you been suffering from any kind of stress recently? I've had Ibs for 15 years but it was brought on by a stressful period in my life and now exacerbated by anxiety and stressful moments.

  • Rustydog, yes the stress was what lead GP IBS diagnosis.

  • hey, iv been diagnosed with crohns disease nearly 2 years ago and none of it made much sense to me either. i was fortunate to understand a lot about the illness before hand as i ironically worked for medical company that deals with IBS/IBD patients and i spoke to people of all ages and both genders less. unfortunately less men are willing to talk about it but i spoke with a lot of older gentlemen who were diagnosed. there a lot a lot of triggers that can come anytime of life especially stress this is a huge trigger. i hope things settle down for you.

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  • ive had IBS now for 15years and now 50 years old, mine was brought on after a very stressful time and i have good days and bad days but it never seems to completely go, i just put up with it now

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