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Is this still IBS?

Have suffered for over 30 years on and off with varying symptoms of IBS but the last couple of weeks have got really bad and just wondering if this is really IBS and what to do about it. My stools have been really soft for months now and go once or twice a day, mainly first thing in the morning. Then the last couple of weeks I have started to get pain in right side and loads of wind constantly, but worse in the morning and before/straight after going to loo. The pain started off low down on the right hand side but is slowly moving upwards and seems to be across my Transverse Colon more than anything now and below rib on right side. GP has given me Colofac tablelet (anti spasmodic) to take before meals and also done blood test (awaiting results) to test for Celiac and also to check blood count. She says if blood count is low she may refer me for a colonoscopy.... which terrifies me, as bowel cancer was what my grandfather and uncle had. She also recommended taking Lactulose, as even though I have loose stools, I could have some constipation further up.

Also finding that sometimes, like when I have eaten carrots for instance, my food does not seem to digest properly and can still see lots of it mixed in when I go to loo. Always feel like I need to go again, even when I don't, although that is something I have suffered with from time to time anyway.

I don't eat dairy as it always makes me worse, so gave that up a long time ago.

Has anybody else found there symptoms to be like this? Just don't know what to do at the moment and first thing in the mornings I am really struggling now and it is starting to affect my life and I have to get to work first thing and it is getting harder and harder.

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Yes i.m the same! Minrs mainly constipation though.ive given up on lactulose.gives me awful wind pains! I ve cut out ALL laxatives except twice a week i use dulcolax SYRUP which is no so thick as lactolose.i go 5 times a day! But i have radiation damage& a stoma.the colonoscopy is ok.dont like the 'PREP" before it though! Take care..missymo.x


I have similar symptoms to you. Don't worry about the colonoscopy it's better to get it done & it's not too bad. Wheat makes me very windy & bloated so try cutting that out. If your stool is soft you would be better to try a bulk forming laxative like Fybogel. I get bowel pains after a BM I am still trying to sort that one out myself at the moment. Buscopan not working as well as I'd hoped. Good luck.


IBS D/C is, to put it lightly, a real pain. You can merrily go along having a routine then wham your whole routine is shot because symtems change.

Any alteration from the norm should always be referred to your GP. My husband has had IBS d/c for over thirty years now. He recently had a colonoscopy due to having spotting. Yes, he was nervous, but because of the IBS symtoms he was more aware of what was "normal" for him.

All came back clear, apart from diverticular found in three areas of the colon which can cause pain.

He has started to take a medication called silicolgel which you can get in Boots. This seems to have calmed his tummy down and he now does nor suffer with the constipation which can aggravate the diverticular.

Please don't worry, get the tests done and proceed from there. The prep is more of a problem than the procedure. They give you a sedative and it is over and done with before you know it.

All the best



I had a colonoscopy done but nothing to worry about, I did not even need a sedative. I found out I had colitis which I control by watching what I eat, wheat seems to be the main problem for me. Best of luck


Hello - what are the foods that seem to disagree with you?


Wheat is the main food which seems to disagree with me, plus corn. It is a case of trial and error finding out which foods suit you and which foods do not


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