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Is this normal for IBS?



I got diagnosed with IBS in August due to recurring diarrhoea. Since this time I have lost nearly two stone in weight and had to completely change my diet. I paid to have a private allergy/intolerance/FODMAP test done and found out I had lots of FODMAPs and was intolerant to wheat, gluten, dairy, egg white, egg yolk, and cashew nuts. I cut these and the FODMAPs out of my diet and felt better for about 2 months. This last month though I have found that I feel worse again and am starting to lose weight again. Has anyone else had this with their IBS?

I also find that I tend to have pain in my right lower abdomen and can no longer lay on that side as it can cause spasms in my insides.

I just really wanted to ask someone else with IBS if this is normal as it is nearly impossible to get an appointment with my doctor

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I’ve got the opposite I can’t go, but my friend used have the same as you and she said dirolyte helped x

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Thank you I'll try that :)

Yeah weight loss is one of my issue atm as drs asked me to do a repeat blood test I said it's just IBS that's doing it... I've always been underweight too so just have to see on the results when it comes back

Yes I’ve lost 2 stone and battle to maintain my current weight

Can I ask who you did your Private testing with please it’s hard to know who are genuine companies

I had mine done with Yorktest

Is this somewhere you have to go?

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