Is this IBS?

Hi Everyone

My doctor has recently diagnosed me as having IBS. However I have my doubts and wondered if anyone here could help. I do experience bloating and mild constipation but my main gripe is the several sore spots I can feel when I press in around my belly button. Is this a familiar trait of IBS? It hasn't really ever gone away since Easter time. I thought that IBS was meant to come and go? Hope someone can help as doc isn't particularly interested :)

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  • Could be IBSC but just as likely to be diverticulitis .sore spots might indicate some diverticula that are causing a problem .Slow gut transit can lead to constipation and bloating and straining over a long period lead to diverticulitis . I would ask your doc to arrange a colonoscopy to identify if diverticulitis is present or not .lack of interest in IBS Type symptoms is an all to familiar a tale on here . You have to be firm and insistent with your GP . An actual or virtual colonoscopy along side blood tests etc are the only way to identify what is going on . Without this The medics are using informed guesswork . Good luck and good health .

  • I had exactly that sort of painful sensitivity around my belly button. I was tested for diverticulitis and didn't have it. I suspect it is as a result of pressure from gas overnight that extends the belly beyond what is normal and strains the muscles leaving residual pain and minor inflammation. Just my take on it. With the risk of repeating myself on this site - I have gotten rid of 95% of my symptoms by using Symprove... It has completely revolutionised my life . Cant urge you enough to give it a go if you have IBS. Almost instantly changed my symptoms.

  • Have you had all the appropriate tests done - gastroscopy and endoscopy - these could determine if anything other than IBS is the cause

    IBS is diagnosed when there are no other reasons for the symptoms

  • Thanks everyone! I have had an external and internal ultrasound a couple of months back as I have a history of Ovarian cancer in the family, I was so relieved that that proved negative I neglected to ask the doctor if that ultrasound could have identified anything in my bowel. Apart from that I have had a PV blood test and thyroid/liver/kidney blood tests which were all normal. Perhaps I should go back to docs and ask more questions...

  • I have never heard of diverticulitis but I will look into that too

  • Oh dear I'd have that checked if I was you, that sounds like a Hernia!

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