Hi, I've never done this before but am at my wits end. Starting back in February I've had issues since being on antibiotics for an ear infection. Since then I've had pain pretty much every day mostly on right side just under ribs and on ribs and on side of ribs and also sometimes on left ribs. At first I pooped a lot and had diarrhea. I was tested for colitis and celiac which were negative. No blood in stool. Had an endoscopy which said I have gastritis. I do have acid reflux which I take nexium. I was also given antispasmodica which make me constipated. These days I still have pain and go from constipated to diarrhea. I just can't believe this constant pain could be ibs and my anxiety makes me think cancer. Oh and I'm a 35 year old female. Any thoughts? Doctor doesn't think any reason for a colonoscopy. Today I had a hida scan to rule out gallbladder issues, previously I had an abdominal scan which showed nothing. I'm so worried!

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  • I'm in the same boat, I've been having stomach pains, inflammed bladder, constipation, diarrhoea, night sweats, muscle twitching, headaches, blurred vision, feeling faint, since January, what does my head in is they give you a blood test for everything then say your fine don't worry it. Month later you go back and they give you antiacid tablets, another month antibiotics, another month, stomach scan, 2 weeks later mebeverine tablets, 1 month later antidepressants (have severe reactions to all anti-d's) , another month later stool sample to test for IBD. I still haven't been tested for colitis and celiac. When I mentioned food intolerances he just instantly said no its IBS. I'm going to try and get more tests on Monday and also bring up the conditions histaminosis and mastocytosis as I'm having lots of symptoms related to them but heard not many uk doctors know about them.

  • I can certainly relate to everything in your post. The rib pain is awful and makes you think that you have something really serious. I've had IBS for years together with all the symptoms you describe. It will ease eventually. The more you worry, the worse it seems to get.

  • I agree completely Terry100. I simply wish I could figure out what triggers it! Mine goes around my back also. You?

  • Hi lynnfied, Yes, I've had the back pain too. There are so many symptoms that can be caused by IBS. My latest one is urinary frequency. I am sure my doc thinks I am a hypochondriac some times but you have to get things checked out, just in case it isn't IBS but something more serious.

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