Is it IBS or Chrones?

Hiya I'm 44yrs old I've been suffering now for just over 16wks with diarrhea and severe cramping.. at first it was about half an hour after everything I ate then the last 2wks I've been going to the toilet 3-4 times before work in the morning again mid day then through the night.. the pain I get is on the right side of my stomach and the pain is as if some ones stabbing me then I have the urgency for the toilet..I've also been to the doctors which he did some blood tests and stool samples.. the bloods came back ok but one of the stool samples did not something to do with calprotectin levels but the doctor hasn't informed me or asked me to go back and explain what it is? I only found out the results when chatting to the receptionist who said because of the results he's referred you.. I've received my appointment to see the gastro but it's another 2 months away not sure I can cope that long last night I was in so much pain sore bum pain when sitting running to the toilet 9 times between 7pm-10pm need alittle advice please?

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  • Hi. Unfortunately without the further tests its impossible to say whether you have an underlying medical condition. I agree though that 2 months is a long time to wait. Have you tried looking at your diet. Triggers for many include dairy and Gluten so it may be worth cutting those out. Also look at the Low FODMAP diet. That has helped a lot of people also.

  • Hiya Hun thank you for your reply.. I have tried cutting out certain foods without any joy it seems whatever I'm eating I still have the same symptoms.. as you say it's impossible to say without the further tests.. but I'm starting to get fed up with myself I feel so weak.. I also have a family history of bowel cancer which is quite scary..I've always suffered with terrible constipation over the years when I was first diagnosed with IBS but such a change in toilet habits has me concerned...thank you I will have a look at FODMAP x

  • You need the hospital tests

    Use baby nappy cream on your bottom especially at night and make sure you wear protection to let it work properly

  • Also don't change your diet as this could affect the results of the tests

  • Thank you cricketqueen I've been using a nappy cream at night especially..yes the doctor when I saw her told me not to change any food habits... I had some bad news about an ultrasound I had done last week on my abdomen they told me that they've found growths in my liver and gallbladder I've got to now what for another appointment to come through... x

  • Do hope that your next appointment is soon

  • Thank you huni me to ☺️ Xx

  • Hi mighty maggot

    So sorry to read how badly your suffering. You need the tests to fully know what's happening with your bowel, if you have mucus or bleeding and go hot after the loo then it could be one of the inflammatory bowel conditions. I agree about not trying anything new till the tests which is tough so you could ring the hospital and ask to go on cancellation list . It's worked for me. Good luck

  • Hi misty14 thank you for your reply.. I haven't had any bleeding but my test on my stool came back showing inflammation so I'm just waiting now for an appointment to see the gastro also with the news I got yesterday I'm starting to get worried... x

  • Hi mighty maggot

    What news did you have to worry you?. Hope you don't wait long to see the Gastro. X

  • Sorry for late reply .. they called me in Friday to discuss my ultrasound results on my abdomen which show growths in my gallbladder and liver... just waiting to be referred about that now to come through..x

  • Hi mightymaggot

    So sorry you've had tough news re your gallbladder and liver growths, you'll get the referral quickly now and I hope it's been caught early and can be treated. Good luck. X

  • Awww thank you so much Hun... it's a worrying time.. I really hope so to I'll let you know how I get on.. x

  • Go to Listen to Your Gut website. It's all i'm recommending now and I'm following the system too.

  • Thank you Hun I'll have a look☺️

  • Its horrible isn't it? I was told after my colonoscopy that I had Crohn's but my consultant's appointment is not until 30th March so I feel like I'm in limbo until she confirms the diagnosis. I waited over 2 years to go to the doctor in the first place, silly I know but I kept thinking its just diarrhea and stomach cramps and wasn't worth bothering the doctor over. When it got to 8-10 visits to the loo per day I decided to go to the doctor, that was in September. Saw the consultant in December who said it sounded like a severe case of IBS, had ultrasound and did 2 stool samples then had my colonoscopy the beginning of February. Good luck and hope the news is good.

  • Hiya huni sorry for such a very late reply... I've been quite poorly how did the appointment go with the consultant in March did she confirm Crohns? Hope your ok? I know what you mean Hun it's no fun at all when your constantly running to the loo .. they have kept an eye on me at the hospital and been sending me to have regular ultrasounds but a couple of months ago I was told that because they hadn't grown that they would order another ultrasound in 12months.. I'm in so much pain with it so went to see my doctor who was quite concerned about the wait for the scan as she said that it's to long to wait when I'm in so much pain and that I shouldn't have to go through the worry of what if... she wrote a letter to the GI specialists and I had a reply the other week saying that they are now considering removing my gallbladder... finally 😊 Xx

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