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Is it ibs


Hi I'm struggling with my tummy my doctor keeps saying he thinks it's ibs but I don't agree it's recently been happening for the past 5 months stress makes it worse but I tried cutting out dairy kept a food diary no difference and then I cut out wheat it made no difference to my cramping and nausea I'm now cutting out carbohydrates and so far I've not noticed any difference. The pain can be at any time and makes me bend over in agony it also makes me feel nausea painkillers don't really do the trick. Peppermint tea calms it down a little but I can't carry on like when I want to go out and have made plans have to cancel them because I can't move I'm in that much agony. I've had tests done at Docters for allergies and intolerances to foods they came back positive just wondered what's next

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Get referral to gastrologist and don't take no for an answer.

It looks like you are cutting out various foods with no luck and might want to try a low FODMAP diet as some foods that seem safe to eat might be the triggers instead, e.g. onion. Google it and try excluding for a few days to see if it helps your symptoms. Good luck.


ask to be referred to to a specialist gastrolost. things to try.cut caffeine, dont smoke, no gassy drinks/beers.

drink more water, try walking really helps with ibs. my vit d level was low and that can trigger ibs.

get it checked by doctor.take some vit d whilst you wait will only help not harm. iv had ibs 20 years. tried various diets. onions,sultancs and musrooms all no no's for me. stress can trigger attacks. i take mebeverine before meals and if bloated use buscopna. paractml. if bad pian usually in rhs groin i use zydolo pain killers prescibed, heat pad,water bottle and try to sllep off. try and keep positive. i do pilates now seems to be helping. i know it can get you down or leave you flat after a bad episode. i try i an do something which i like a lot or watcha funny film/programme. i hope something helps i liosted helps you.

x graham

Hi, I think I have similar situation. Ive been in constant pain 24/7 now for 16 month and still no luck to find out what causes it. I have been referred to several specialist inc gastroenterologist but no result. Im on morphine as a pain relief and few other meds and when the pain gets bad nothing really helps.

Some times tens machine helps but only with superficial pain so perhaps you can try that while waiting in agony for your appointments

Hi I believe the only way you know you have IBS is by having a colonoscopy, which you can only get through a Gastrologist,and I agree with the first post don't take no for an answer insist.

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I had a colonoscopy and I was told and read that a colonoscopy looks for inflammation of lining of the bowel and for polyps,signs of cancer,haemorrhoids and doesn't check stools as the bowel is emptied that IBS is diagnosed from symptoms ie constipation diarrheoa and bloating that come and go.

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Hi,I had a colonoscopy and I was told its the best test you can have. The idea of a colonoscopy for IBS is it cancels everything else out,ie Cancer,polops inflammation ect ect. So yes I do Beleive its IBS but I haven't had a stool test.


can I just ask what tests you have had? Have you even had a blood test to rule out other things?

I don't wish to worry you but my daughter in laws father kept getting told it was stress, but it was far worse. Didn't even send him for blood tests.

Don't let them fob you off insist on a blood test if you haven't already had one. If you have, then ask to be sent to a specialist.

Hope you get on alright.

Have you ever had abdominal surgery before? Could be adhesions.

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i had laparoscopy to remove gallbladder and abdomen became more swollen after it.told gp that and that i was very suggestions of anything and when i mentioned i didn't get a follow up appointment,he said nothing.still feel sore now and each time i go to gp they feel my stomach and say its fine.i know my body and it is definitely not fine.

Hi thank you all for your replies I have tried a few diets including fod map and also have cut out foods associated with Ibs, I do not drink fizzy, caffeine or alcohol anyway so wouldn't need to cut those out I have had blood tests for celiac, dairy and wheat intolerances all those came back normal I haven't previously had any surgery I have another appointment today later on so hopefully something else will happen to help me what is a tens mashine may I ask ?

a tens machine is a small box you can wear that helps some people with pain, boots sell them


oh my god,.your story is exactly the same as mine.being told I have IBS when I know I don't,like you have cut out certain foods and made no difference.only I don't have the "cramping ".all my tests come back as "normal".only in the last 6 months and seeing a different gp to my own -had colonoscopy and endoscopy which revealed hiatus hernia,duodenitis and diverticulitis.just had results of barium meal xray/scan which revealed inability to swallow something ive been complaining of for at least 2 years.finally referred to a has ever accepted my weight gain being abdominal and not down to diet or lack of exercise and dietician and practice nurse both said my diet is fine,even though my appetite is poor I am eating the right things.

have you ever had an endoscopy?


so many conditions have similar /same symptoms .have you had scans haven't mentioned any?have you seen a gynae?i ahd endoscopy,barium meal which finally showed I have a problem with swallowing -something (the same as my pelvic pain and abdominal distention)that I have had for 2-3 years

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