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I have been told I have ibs and possibly endometriosis, I have had all tests for ibs .The left sided pain around the pelvic area almost sends me through the roof I take paracetamol and tramadol daily not great as I have ibs c but as long as I take laxido it doesn't cause constipation.In December I had a mirena coil fitted and it's helped with the bleeding but done nothing for the pain,my question is does anyone have similar to me,I have been told there is no other help for my ibs and as far as the endo is my doctor says as the coil has helped with the bleeding it's unlikely that gynecology will do any more.

Feeling like I have come to the end of the road with doctors other than to take pain killers for the rest of my life.

Sorry for the long post any advice would be welcome.

Thanks treez

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  • Hi Treez

    I've had IBS since my twenties only it wasn't called that then it was put down to anxiety. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my forties when it was seen during a hysterectomy for fibroids. It had litererally glued to my lower intestines together like clingfilm. The pain was horrendous. I took progesterone for about a decade after the op supposedly to stop the endmetriosis for reforming since I was still in pain. The IBS was obviously all part of the equation but was ignored by medics at that time. It seems to be accepted that certain foods trigger the IBS which they do in my case.

    Very remiss of the doctors not to offer more solutions to the endometriosis.

    Best wishes

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply.The ibs I can manage with diet I pretty much know what foods to avoid now.I am back at gynecology in 2 weeks and going to try and get a laparoscopy otherwise I think I will tell them to do a hysterectomy which is really something I wanted to avoid.

    All the best hope you are pain free now.


  • I just had the nova sure ablation and so far so good. No more bleeding and no more pain. if you are planning to have more children then you can't have it but you might want to discuss with your doctor. My Gyn did a laparoscopy at the same time and he found that I had adhesions that had formed since I hadn't appendix out. The adhesions had attached my bowel to the wall of my stomach. He cut out all the scar tissue and adhesions and moved my bowel back in to place. I'm still in recovery but have to say that my IBS problems have gone. It's worth pushing your Gyn for a laparoscopy and discussing other options than the coil. There is no need to be in pain when there are options out there that can help. Good luck.

  • Hi

    I've never heard of that just did a google search and sounds interesting I'm 47 now so certainly not having more kids,I'm going to go prepared for my gyni appointment and hopefully get some help.

    Thanks all the best


  • Hi! Treez

    There is a link between Endo/IBS. Firstly if your Doctor is not much help get in touch with The Endo Society they helped me when I was first diagnosed and can give you all the information you need. I have had 3 Laps over the years to tidy up the Endo and have taken progesterone to dampen down the bleeds. Moving on when I had unexplained bowel symptoms I was sent to have a Colonoscopy to eliminate any serious conditions the result was clear but it was noted that I had endo adhesions on my ascending colon that was possibly giving me spasms. Only then was IBS diagnosed.

    Hope this helps as I know how distressing both conditions can be-good luck

  • Hi linley

    Thank you for the helpful information I will have a look.I know that ibs and endometriosis are often linked I have had all the ibs tests it was only after that the endo was suspected,the ibs I can deal with its the pain in the pelvic area that is so hard to deal with.

    Thanks hopefully you are now pain free and in good health.


  • I have both along with allergies and PCOS after years of trying to deal with the pain. A great diet along with some medications really help (co-cyprinodol) which is balancing contraceptive which also helps with skin and weight issues, it brought my period back and helped me then weight also (metformin) great for ovaries and uterus but it had the side effect of diarrea for me. Keep your food really natural lots of ginger. Cinnamon. Peppermint. Look into those. I have also never met anyone with both symptoms. I would love to get pregnant one day so I hope I'm on the right track. :-)



  • Thanks,good luck for the future,I hope that you succeed with getting pregnant.


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