Newbie, who has endometriosis, ibs with severe pain, bloating, bowel changes and struggling to loose weight and control the pain :(

Hi, I'm a newbie to the site and can't believe how many of us sufferers are out there all suffering with more than one thing at a time!

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis which have had numerous treatments for and currently have the coil for the second time round, this time I've put loads of weight on and am still bleeding, totally irregular! I have been told that I have ibs which I have had for over 20 + yrs and is now the worst it has ever been :( i bloat to the point I have to wear clothes the next size up to accommodate the boating which is always worse after eating, the pain gets unbearable and I have tried all medications out there, some twice just to make sure!, I've tried all the diets, including fodmap and exclusion diets and nothing is helping :( I go to the gym as exercise is supposed to help, but nothing seems to work, it's been the worst 6 months.

I'm at the point where I don't know what to do, it's starting to effect everyday life and relationships and work too!

Sorry for the moan but I'm sure there are peeps out there who understand my frustrations!

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  • I'm so sorry. How old are you? Is the coil for birth control? Wish I had answers.

  • Hi, I'm in my early 40's, coil for endo reasons. Thinking about having it removed again though!

  • Ask to be sent for a faecal defecating program...I'm 41 not over weight ..lowfodmaps 5 consultants bla bla can write u a book.. .same symtoms as a lot of u ladies here .I.was told I have IBS ..I thought my colon or digestion had slowed so I pushed and pushed For answers now know the ..cause endocele and rectocele (hope spelt correct) POP. but only visible when I bare down to poop so all tests clear to human eye...ladies its a simple test..get it done .a lot of us have it ..

  • Your problems may all be down to endometriosis I had all of that before I had a hysterectomy a lot of people are dignosed wrong when they have this as both have very similar symptoms.

  • Read lovelaughlift above

  • Hi, thanks for reply....I've had another laporoscopy and they told me there is only minor endo there at the minute but even my gp said that it could still cause as much pain, consultant however thinks it's the ?ibs! I'm not convinced it's just ibs but trying to get that through to some gp's is a nitemare! The pain just cripples me and I work long shifts which doesn't help :(

  • I spent years not believing I had IBS.But I had a colonoscopy which proved nothing wrong I now am convinced.Have you been tested for gall stones?Having said that IBS can be very painful and debilatating .I suffer serveley with it ,I have just been put on the Fodmap diet so we,ll see how that goes.I wish I could be more help.

  • Hi Gemini71. Thank you for you reply! I have active gallstones which were discovered on a scan I had a while ago which gp said were not causing the pains etc. tried the fodmap but no different, I am trying to cut out wheat and gluten which has made a very minor difference. Hope u have better results with the fodmap!

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