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Bit of history.

Diagnosed with IBS when I was 15 and I'm now 38. At 19 after lots of pains etc and a laparoscopy to see if it was gynae related, which was clear, i saw a food intolerance lady. Main culprits wheat, caffeine and citrus. Cut them out and yep much better. The main culprit was wheat. Over the years I have been able to eat wheat and the others but now when I've eaten too much. Stress was also a major factor in the IBS. Since having my kids they are 10, 7 and 4, it hasn't been too bad. Have eaten wheat and not been too bad.

With all the children I suffered with by pelvis and lower back, and since having my youngest it has been worst. I now see a chiropractor and this helped, along with Pilates. In the summer of 2013 my symptoms of back/pelvis pain etc got worst and turned out I had a dust allergy and now take daily antihistamines and clean! Been also having issues with needing a wee lots but not UTI, Dr said irritated bladder. Come November 2014 all my symptoms were awful,a nod I was experiencing palpitations. I've had a bladder scan - clear. I have been tested for over active thyroid - fine. Seen a cardiologist - all fine. My pains in back, pelvis, and down my legs were worse at periods, so Dr thought endometriosis. Yesterday I had a laparoscopy as the consultant thought the same. But apparently all clear. None on female organs. Now he didn't look at all my organs so I suppose it's still possible it's somewhere else. Who owns. He said my bowel looked bulky and that was cause of all my pains. I also get pains in shoulders and arms and neck. Suggested I look at my diet and take antispasmodics. There is a possibility that I have the endometriosis in my womb as he is larger than normal and this could why I hurt more at period time, as more blood. But it's not excessive blood. So going to take pill back to back for 3 packs at time to see if that helps. If becomes a problem and pain unmanageable then to reconsider the coil, each I refused this time.

So I've decided that for next 2 months I'm going to eliminate wheat mainly, along with caffeine and drink de caf tea and limit the cups a day. Going to try to reduce my dairy intake - my homeopath suggested this as showed up as intolerance with her last year. I've been seeing her for the last year and has helped as I was constantly ill with viruses. She says my hormones are out of balance and she gives me something for that, along with the endometriosis.

Ive got some high strength peppermint oil capsules from holland and Barratt, to help with the gas pain of the laparoscopy, which I'm going to continue to take as its a natural anti spasmodic.

Am going to do this all for 2 months and see if any improvement in my vast array of symptoms. If not then I shall go back to the dr to see if I need to see gynae again, or someone to do with my bowel. If its gynae (entirely possible that I have endometriosis but consultant not specialist enough to find it) then I will ask to be referred to a endometriosis specialtist centre as at least then if they go and have a look again, they will have other specialtists there too.

Anyone got any advise at all.

My pains are not like I had when I was a lot younger, as normally then once id got the wind or poo out I was fine. It could take hours when I had a flare up and took milk of mag to help, and at other times I used to get pains in my groin. But I suppose things can change and if it's just IBS causing all these issues then diet etc should help.

On top of this last May my Mum passed away very suddenly and expectedly, so been a stressful year with sorting everything out, helping my dad and my own grief. I've had counselling for this, which has helped. But I had these symptoms a good 10 moths before this happened, as I was already seeing my homeopath then. But since October 2014 it has got worse.

Thanks for reading my essay!

Lisa x

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Bon courage!try yoga breathing and a good book!


Poor you, I also suffer from a lot of pain in odd places. Have you considered the contraception implant? I had it instead of the coil, best thing I have done and I have no periods I,m 44. Jules


Thanks for replying.

I take the combined pill but not sure about other options. Might have to I suppose if to prove it's more a gynae issue giving me all these pain and symptoms.

Although I've had IBS for the past 20 yrs plus I'm not convinced that the pains down legs, in pelvis, lower back, pubic area, hips and bum are due to IBS. Most of these symptoms are very similar to those I had when pregnant and it was pelvic girdle pain.

Going to remove wheat etc and take peppermint and as well as few other things like reducing sugar, caffeine and dairy. See if it makes any difference. Got lots of palpitations again but I know it's nothing sinister as I've been checked by a cardiologist.


The pain sounds similar to what I used to get before my period. I went to the gyn and i was diagnosed with adenomyosis. I now take continuous birth control so that I dont have periods anymore, it helped immensely. This condition is often diagnosed as endometriosis when it really isn't. Could be worth talking to the gyn about it and getting on continous birth control to see if it helps.


Hi Louise,

My gynae consultant did suggest to me that I might have adenomyosis. My laparaoscopy on Wednesday didn't find endometriosis, and although my womb looked okay it was larger than normal and bulky. I've heard so many bad stories about the mirena that i declined that option and instead will continue with the pill. Said to take 3 packs back to back. Consultant did say that if I change my mind about mirena then my gp could do it.

I don't really get heavy bleeding though. Heavier bleeding than when I was on the pill pre kids, but not has heavy as some people seem to have.

Maybe I will have to rethink the coil if the whole diet changes don't make any difference within a month.


You could also think about the Depo shot as an option too.


Thanks will look at that too. Do you have the depo shot? Did you find that your symptoms improved once you were on continuos birth control?

As I sit typo give got the pains in my lower back and sharper pains right in my bum. Maybe I should make an appt to see my dr and discuss trying another contraception for the possible adenomoysis - will take a few weeks to get an extended appt with the one I want, so the cutting out wheat will be in full

Swing then. Also by then the report from the gynae about my op then other day, should be with my dr too.


I was on the deep shot a few years ago (before my diagnosis) and it stopped my periods. Since I have been taking continuous birth control I no longer get any symptoms because I no longer get my period. A few years ago I decided to take a break from the pill and allow my body to have a period. Big mistake! All symptoms came back and I was sick as a dog. Once my period was one I went back on it and have continued to take it since. One thing I have noticed since I started with IBS is that i started to get symptoms of my adenomyosis again. Since I have IBS-D and I was taking my pill in the morning I think my body was unable to absorb the full level of hormones because I was having D. Switched my dose and take it now in the evenings since my D is only morning time, symptoms went away again. If I continue having D I may go back on the deep shot so I don't have to worry about the D affecting my hormone absorption with the pill.

Its worth at least talking to your doctor about switching to see if it helps. If it does, great, if it doesn't you can always switch back :-)


Thanks for the reply. I take my pill in the evening as if I take it in the mornings it makes me feel nauseous. With my IBS I've had both C & D over the years, although these days I'm not on and off the toilet like I was in my younger years. These days I need the toilet more to do a wee as dr says I have an irritated bladder and today I've lost count of the number of times I've been. But guessing some of that is due to having the op too.

When I was pregnant my IBS cramping was quite bad especially in the early stages, so I guess that shows a link between womb/hormonal changes and IBS.

Guess the best bet is to make an appt with my dr and make sure I book a double one, and discuss the consultants findings and options for me in terms of possible adenomoysis and IBS. Stress has always been a big factor in my IBS and once I became a stay at home mum 10 years ago, and had no work stresses my IBS has been fine apart from occasions of too much wheat consumption.

The past year with my mum passing away suddenly and then all my other symptoms increasing probably hasn't helped the stress levels and thus IBS.

Guessing until I try some form of contraception that stops my cycles, I won't know if it's the adenomoysis that's causing the problems. Just worried that if the mirena for instance doesn't agree with me, that the drs will insist I preserve for months to let it settle.

Will call the drs next week and make an appt.

So far today I've had no wheat so a good start - even resisted at dinner when it was BBQ and just had the burger without the bun.



good luck with it and let us know how you go on.


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