Hi all I had ibs as young child I was always going to the loo for long period at a time as child but was not as bad till I got older I suffer from Addison disease and early menopause so I have a lot going on my medical condition are under control it's my ibs that's causing me bother I take bad flare up I'm on the toilet for 2 hours taking them my temperature goes so high and I feel so sick with it bowels moving constantly for twenty minutes with lots of lower stomach pain I feel like I'm going to pass out with it my partner says my colour drains from my face and I look grey few times I've had to get ambulance it's that bad Iam seeing bowel specialist at hospital I've had few colonoscopy I'm due another one fees weeks it's got so bad it's making me so unhappy my kids have to see me going through this Iam take codeine phosphate for my pain and it slows down my bowels but Dosent always help I can't work with it no one will take me on if I take a flare on work grounds I would be so embarrassing and I would be on toilet for too long no boss would except that I'm at wits end no matter what I eat it's always the same tried all the food map diets even tried starving myself

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  • I'm so sorry you are suffering so badly at the moment. I do understand your pain, I've passed out on the loo several times and frequently have black eyes and bruises when I've landed on my face. I make a joke about it but it's no laughing matter. Hopefully this next run of tests will shed some light on the problem and mean they can give you a more effective treatment, normal pain medication doesn't really help me either. Keep going, it sounds like you have lots of support from your family which is good, take care x

  • Thankyou for u kind words too yes my family are great don't get me wrong they must get fed up with it too but it can't be helped x

  • Hi mandy1206. Sorry to hear your story. Have you tried taking any probiotics. You may not have enough good bacteria and too much bad in your system?

  • I'm going to say to my doctor about these tablets are they helping u?

  • I am taking the probiotic called Yakult. Have you heard of it? It is like a yoghurt drink. It has helped me alot. My symptoms prior to taking Yakult was constant tummy pain, being bloated a lot and if i was to eat a little too much i would be ill the next day and have mucus when going to the toilet and constant urges to go toilet all day by ('too much' i mean a bowl of cereal in the evening if i am hungry). The probiotic has taken the pain away and i am no longer bloated. Though the recomended daily intake of Yakult is 1, i was taking 2 and i felt ill again..i looked online and you can actually have too much of a good thing, i.e. too much good bacteria. Now i am only taking 1 a day.

  • Hello, it isn't easy is it.

    I have been taking yakult in the evenings and actimel in the mornings for months now and it has helped me a lot. When I do get a flare up I eat a banana and it seems to help me also.

    I take it you have tried to find your trigger foods?

  • I really hope there is thankyou I have my 1st colonoscopy 5 year again and they found a carcniod tumar on my bowel but was romoved no cancer had spreader thankfully thankyou very much for ur kind words x

  • Hi hun that ibs is a horrible condition I have it my self & it makes you feel so low I get the horrible spasms whatever I eat or dont & I live on the toilet & nearly pass out when I have yo go all the time which is a lot when the pains come but then mine turned into something more serious becos I was losing so much weight & needed a blood transfusion right away becouse idident get the right nutrients which I dident no so I got a biopsy & they said you have celiac disease as well as ibs but coeliac disease has got so many simulator symptoms as ibs so babe get tested for it dont leave it like i did for yrs thinking it was ibs take care patricia my sister takes them loperamide for her divicurtistis they help her get out a bit with out worrying about accidents happening which they did a lot

  • So sorry to hear that yes it does get u down feel like it's ruining my life it's so horrible x

  • Is this yakult u can buy out the shop I've seen yougurts drinks like that in shops, I just find everything I eat the now does it I feel for all of us with ibs I have few medical condition but this is the worst!! I really want to try these drinks though thankyou

  • Yes it is the stuff you can get in the shops. Also look into using coconut oil, it has done me great since I started using it.

  • Is this cream for the skin ? X

  • You eat it but it can be used as cream for the skin too.

    Look into it on the net.

  • Definitely be getting this at my food shopping 2moro I will try anything thankyou

  • You are welcome.

  • PS. You need to take the probiotics for weeks sometimes before they work so don't just do it for a few days. Give it a month to see if it works for you. 2 per day works for me.

    Good luck.

  • I have a dairy allergy and intolerance to gluten so a lot of the more natural remedies aren't good for me and actually make things worse. You do need to be tested for all the gut diseases BEFORE you start on any exclusion diets because you can get false negative results. Since changing my diet I have had fewer problems but it isn't an easy way to eat!!

  • Hi...I've had a real bad flare up of ibs for the past 3 months and was coming to dread waking up every day, however, I was advised to take Acidophilus tablets, which is the good bacteria we need in our stomachs. .I bought some chewable ones a week ago from Holland & and Barrett, which were on offer..I have 2 tablets a day and that's 2billion friendly bacteria in my system a day..I must admit after taking them for less than a week, I have noticed an improvement.. I remember some years ago my children's headmistress told me she took them and wouldn't be without them...You could give them a try and see if they help..I had to see a colon specialist 7 years ago and she said a lot of people suffer with their stomachs due to not enough friendly bacteria...Good luck x

  • Hi jimtom. How much coconut oil do you take? How do you take it? Do you take it with anything? Does it matter which cocnut oil(brand). If a probiotic doesn't work try another one as all probiotics contain similar but also diffrtent bacteria, so one that doesn't work another may..trial and error but you will get there.

  • I use a brand of coconut oil called ktc because it doesn't have the coconut taste but is still 100%. I take it twice per day a tablespoon at a time, I either just eat it or I put it in a cup of tea or coffee. It is available to buy in tesco but you can also get it on eBay, it is cheaper than most other brands but it is very good. I also find that if I take it in the mornings it seems to work better, maybe because my stomach is emptier then, I take it on getting up and then maybe an hour or so later. I have read that it helps kill the bad bacteria in the stomach, since using it other benefits have been better skin conditions and better hair.

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