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Hi I'm new here been on the endometriosis site for a while have had very heavy painful periods for two years with constipation and diarrhoea during periods tried various treatments from pain killers to cerazzette to mirena coil gp wouldn't give me the pill to old forty five I had a laparoscopy done last week now endo found anywhere gynaecologist had put me on combined pill to see if it will help as I have low risk factors since the lap I have had very bad cramps spasms growling stomach low down and a lot of pain I went to go he thinks I may have ibs and the Carbondioxide and the anaesthetic has given me an ibs flare up he has given me some spasmonal which are helping a bit but are giving me a headache after taking I am having mega problems with food really don't know what to eat gp told me to avoid bread gassy veg not have to much fruit and bit to have caffeine I'm not sure if I have a problem with milk would be grateful for any advice thanks

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  • This is not funny, with I.b.s you should be offered more support! I'd push for more support that's all and insist on support. My periods leave me with awful I.b.s, it's apparently common oh the things we put up with as women try getting some aromatherapy oil it might calm your bowel and stomach!

  • Thanks for reply there is limited support for lots of things have had to push for gynae referral from gp but when I got there she has been good she said for a while it might be ibs but as I havnt had much issues with food till now and my mum had endo she wanted to check for it gp did tell me if things don't improve to go back I'm hoping the pill will help with my periods any particular oils that are better than others x

  • Hi, I'm glad you have some idea of what you have, I just didn't, I wish you luck for all your tests I think my problem is I'm 40 and terribly stressed! As for the oils you need to find a decent shop and ask for an oil to be blended, some deal with the bloating, some deal with the physical pain, some will deal with the irritation and negative feelings and some can just make you feel good! You need a combined blend certain places will do it for you!

  • You can get Colpermin over the counter - these might help for gas and spasms - you can double up dose as they are peppermint oil if two don't help. You do need to press to see specialist but in the meantime dairy, especially milk, can cause problems - I use Almond milk or coconut - Koko is a good brand without an aftertaste. Cutting out bread and other white flour products and cutting out sugar too might help. Onions, cabbage and citrus often cause problems too and would be worth cutting out to see if things improve. You can google fodmaps for more advice but push to see a specialist.

  • Ok thanks for advice yes will def be asking to see someone maybe a dietician or something the spasmonal seems to be helping quite a bit and I'm starting to feel better after the surgery im eating small meals as unable to cope with a large amount I've bought the hazelnut milk drink not a lover of soya or almond havnt tried the coconut one will give it a go milk is def a problem gurgling after an hour of drinking it I guess it just try things and see thanks for replies it is appreciated xx

  • Just to say I agree with Polly about KO KO milk it's lovely I've been on it for years,and defiantly no onion.

  • Hi! your post said your GP thinks you might have IBS, thinking and knowing are two very different things. Yes, after a Lap you do get very bad pain all over until the gas they pump you with disperses. Apart from the Mirena coil my case was very similar to yours. With me the Endo dampened down after being prescribed a progestrogen only pill. Then when I came off it I found that mefamic acid(Postan) very much helped the pain and heaviness of my periods, it also helped with the diarrhoea I used to get at the same time. In my 50's I was still getting stomach cramps especially on the RIF and diarrhoea so my GP sent me to a Gastro and I had a colonoscopy. The bowel was found to be normal but the Gastro said he believes that Endo scar tissue on the ascending colon was causing my pain only then was the diagnosis of IBS given. The point of all this is to say please get your IBS confirmed then you know what you are dealing with. Having Endo marred my life for 20 years and still seems to be in the background I sincerely understand what you have been going through and wish you well in your quest to find good health

  • Thanks for reply I will be going back soon mefanamic acid and naproxen and gave me severe heartburn and gastric problems I am going to ask for a colonoscopy as a lot of my problems have been bowel related along with painfull periods I have had some bleeding from bowel have seen blood on my stools pain having bowels opened and pain after bowel motions personally I think I may have endo maybe in the bowel if not in the abdomen but gynaecologist said for it to be in the bowel she would have seen it somewhere else gp said they would have looked at bowel during lap but surely only the outside of it it it interesting what you say about progesterone calming the endo down I had a coil for eight months and had it removed in December last year due to leg cramps constant pain and spotting I have bloods for caeliacs to be done next week will wait for them to come back then go and see gp I have an appointment in three months for gynae as we'll both are problematic conditions would be nice to know what I have xx

  • So sorry that mefamic acid did not help but there must be something that would work for you. If you remember please let me know what your colonoscopy reveals-wish you well

  • I will let you know I'm a bit of an odd one with meds co dydramol and cocodamoll lower my bp and make me feel odd I'm good with paracetomol but that not strong enough if the periods can be controlled I'm sure things will improve as we'll so hopefully the pill will do that thanks for advice I've been out to Sunday lunch today as felt a. Bit better and family wanted to take me I stayed away from the green veg had carrots swede meat one Yorkshire and gravy and had a small portion and I'm really bad full of wind and pain I've taken my spasmonal so hopefully be better in a bit xx

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