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"IBS" and bleeding


I was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years ago and after being on mebeverine for about 1 1/2 years I have had no relief of symptoms. A few months ago I noticed blood mixed into my stools so went to see my GP who told me it is normal in people with IBS to get some bleeding because of muscle spasms- I also saw another GP for peace of mind who also said this was normal as it stopped after a few days.

It has now started again but for over a month now and I am undergoing different treatments at the moment. I have been checked for haemorrhoids and fissures (and I have none) as well as inflammatory markers and coeliac disease which have all come back normal. I'm a bit worried as to what might be the issue, as I am only 19 years old and have been told it won't be anything sinister- but I am still in daily pain and am passing blood every time I go to the toilet!

I have also come across a small hard lump in my lower left abdomen (which I think is probably just constipation) but the Doctor didn't seem to pick up on it so I assume it's fine!

Any thoughts on what I could do to ease the pain or what could be the issue?

Thanks and sorry for the long post!


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I wish I could help you solve the pain ,but I can't I suffer pain daily so if I can't help my self I can't help you.

But as for the blood I don't think I would accept that from your GP,especially if it's a regular occurrence . Have you had a colonoscopy ,or even seen a Gastrologist or Colectrecal specialist. If not I think you ought to push to see a consultant.

I'm not saying this to frighten you,just to be thorough . Take care.

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Thank you for your reply,

I didn't think it was normal which was why I went to see another GP about it. I've finally found one who takes me seriously but as a result of being in a really busy area it can take up to a month to get an appointment with him, so I've had to change (again!). I now have a junior doctor who is extremely thorough and wanted to send me for an endoscopy, but her supervisor said to see if it persists and just to try more treatments for haemorrhoids (despite 2 doctors telling me I don't have them).

I have an appointment in March and am hoping to be referred if it hasn't settled by then :)

Thank you!



My oppinion,push it,go back to your original app,and ring his secretary tell them you'll take a cancellation. I know exsactly how you feel it's so frustrating. When all you want is peace of mind. Don't be put off,push for what you want,no good being examined again for something you know you don't have ,it's a waste of time.

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Hi, agree with Gemini71, there is no way I would accept that from the doctor. This definitely needs more investigation so I am glad you have another appointment. Don’t settle for anything less than a thorough investigation. If it still doesn’t go away then keep on at them.

I hope that everything goes well for you.


I've tried getting cancellations before and they are completely rammed at the 2 local surgeries, I ended up being given a cancellation for the Jr doctor I am seeing now. I am definitely going to push to have some further investigation even if it does settle by the time my next appointment comes.

Thank you :)



I've had 2 sets of blood tests to look for infammatory markers which have both come back normal, so IBD has been ruled out as well as haemerrhoids and fissures.

I don't really notice it when I eat any foods in particular, I went on the FODMAP diet a while ago and found it made no real difference when I cut out gluten and dairy products. It can also come on when I simply take a drink of water within a couple of minutes of drinking. The pain is just below my ribs, starts on the right and gradually comes across and can go into my back- feels like I've been punched and at its worst it can be difficult to breathe because it hurts too much to move my stomach in to breathe (if that makes any sense?).

I also have bloating and mild pain in my general abdomen which seems to go when I go to the toilet or take the mebeverine, so this isn't really an issue

I've always had mucus in my stool and when I pass more blood it tends to be looser stools, but never watery. I also have constant nausea (this has been made worse by starting a medication for something completely unrelated which has a very common side effect of nausea)- although I have had this for years and only started the medication a few months ago. I am generally tired all the time and lack energy (but again this could be due to the medication).

I travelled to Spain just before Christmas but have had episodes of bleeding before I went and have been tested for parasites which came back normal (as I've also been having white spots/ patches in my stools recently).

From your suggestion I will have a look into getting an allergy test done, as I think some a shop of the High Street does them, thank you :)


no, allergy test is better done by nhs for free (you will have to push hard for 1 )

intolerance test is private £50 to £100

can i ask if no inflammation was found why they put you on mebeverine

my mate takes that for inflammation as she has ibd, is it not an anti inflammatory drug ? also i know they do give it out for ibs to stop cramping, muscle spasms etc but then i would question why you suffer bleeding still if on it and its meant to stop the spasms, if you see what i mean.

The pain is just below my ribs, starts on the right and gradually comes across and can go into my back- feels like I've been punched and at its worst it can be difficult to breathe because it hurts too much to move my stomach in to breathe (if that makes any sense?).

ya sure so again food intolerance can cause that and again other things can to, so best to rule out the simple things first

tell doc all symptoms so he can to run what tests he thinks etc to.

I've also been having white spots/ patches in my stools recently). ~ that again can be from a few different things,

poor digestion ~ would cause fatigue

nutritional deficiencies ~ would cause fatigue

muscle weakness

constipation or diarrhoea

excessive weight loss

parasite infection ~ doc tests do not cover all parasites

lactose intolerance ~ so milk, cheese etc can cause white spots to

certain meds etc as for other reasons i have a link if you want it

now as you said pain under ribs and back etc that can be gall bladder problems and so can white spots etc in stool, so if you have lack of bile, this may need looking at and correcting

bear in mind food intolerances can also actually cause gall bladder probs etc to

all though blood in stool is not a symptom of gall bladder probs, may be its just certain foods irritating the gall bladder etc causing the white spots etc (so by going loo it would help the pain go, as the invader has gone, (again every 1 is different, some can suffer days weeks)

or you may have more than 1 thing going on

as rosie said ~ colon polyps and diverticular can cause blood and/or mucus in stool

so can ibd, food allergies or intolerances etc

i had blood in stool sometimes, mucus and loads of symptoms for 7 years and i took 1 intolerance test and all symptoms was gone in days, by just cutting out certain foods) (docs said ibd at 1st then ibs,

i had nothing but intolerances (my 1st time with ibs that was)

do you want any links to look at, so you can read some things to look for, and like diet info etc, nice to see you got so many replies from people helping you with tests and advice x


As far as I know mebeverine stops the gut from spasming which is what causes the pain in IBS, but I hadn't thought about how I've been taking it whilst still getting bleeding "because of the spasms"

I had considered gall bladder issues but I think I'm going to act on one thing at a time and once I've got the pooey bit (pardon the pun) under control I will move onto the pain.

In the meantime I think I'm going to try and go lactose free and see if that helps with both the pain and the blood and ask for an allergy/ intolerance test at my next appointment, thank you! :)

I hadn't really thought it would be a food intolerance or allergy as it's only come on in the past couple of years but it sounds like it could be- it's certainly food for thought (sorry I love puns)!

Thank you :)


Just throwing it out there, but have you tried different water? A colleague gets horrible gut issues every time she drinks the tap water at work, tap water anywhere else is fine. It's amazing the littlest things that can have an impact.

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I have tried the water at university, at home and in Spain and I still had the same symptoms unfortunately! Thanks for the suggestion though :)


Both colon polyps and diverticular can cause blood and/or mucus in stools and you need a colonoscopy to diagnose these. Although you're very young to have either, they're still a possibility.

Next time you manage to fight your way into your surgery ask for this procedure to be done. If your GP won't give you a direct referral ask to see either a gastroenterologist or colorectal consultant - either of whom will deal with it. In my own experience, appointments with colorectal are much quicker to come through than gastro.

As a matter of interest, you cannot be given an IBS diagnosis unless a colonoscopy, along with other tests, have been done.


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Thank you, a previous Dr has discussed a colonoscopy with me so I think if it hasn't stopped by my next appointment I will insist on having one. I will take into account asking for a colorectal referral rather than gastro when I see them next, thank you :)

I also hadn't realised I couldn't be given an IBS diagnosis without a colonoscopy, sounds like my Drs have been a bit too fast with diagnosing me!

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Just to clarify a colonoscopy does not diagnose IBS but it eliminates all other serious and not so serious conditions/diseases within the gut

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I agree with Gemini71 100% blood in stools is not a IBS symptom (whether you are male or female). Go back to your GP and insist on a colonoscopy that will tell all-can you afford a private consultation? Please push for action and let us know how you get on. Wish you well.

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There's no way I can afford a private consultation as I'm currently studying at University (the cheapo stereotype is true!). Will definitely push for a colonoscopy- my appointment is on 15th March so not too far off! For now it's just taking fiber supplements and using haemorrhoid ointment to see if it stops on its own!

Thank you for all of your help :)


Is the blood you see red? Or black?


It is red


Red is better than black. Red is mostly external - While Black is internal. This is probably from straining etc. I get this sometimes also - yes totally freaky in the I am dying sense of the word and for me its with or followed by really bad cramping etc.

Time for a colonoscopy..


Bleeding is not normal

You need a colonoscopy


Passing blood every time you go to the toilet is a red flag symptom and as such must be investigated. At your age, the most likely diagnosis is haemorrhoids, but you have been checked for those. Go back to your GP and ask for an urgent appointment to see a gastroenterologist. (I am a gastroenterologist, now retired). ,

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Ok thank you, I will push for one when I have my next appointment, even if the bleeding has stopped by then (it'd be just my luck for it to stop just before the appointment), thank you :)


Yes, I was a consultant from 1980 to 2002.

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Just read all the posts .

I would definitely go back to your doctor and INSIST on a Colonoscopy.

I only found out that I had multiple Diverticulitis and IBS after having constant bleeding for six weeks and then a massive haemorrhage which really scared me.

The pain in your left lower abdomen is a classic sign of Diverticulits disease.

I also had this ( and still do sometimes) and I have a had a bit of a flare up again recently.

I am an active 68 year old..I had all this happen to me this time last year, and I BS is a lifelong condition.

But manageable.

Please go back and get some real treatment.

All this worrying is not doing you any good.Stress is a killer for IBS, and you need to get the doctors to understand that not knowing what you have got(or not got) is also causing you anxiety.

I am also having Acupuncture for Really bad nerve problems in my spine, and this is also linked.

The Vegus Nerve is a very long nerve running through the body.

I have had excrutiating spasms of this from my back down my left leg.

All these problems come from our delightful brains.

It sends the messages out.

So please go back and get yours sorted.

It doesn't matter how young or old, blood and pain is not right.

Once properly diagnosed you will get the answers you need.

Best Wishes Pat


Thank you Pat, I will definitely push to get something sorted :)



So the bleeding eventually stopped just less than a week ago, but the day after it stopped I noticed my stools had gone near enough white. Decided to see if it just went but the following day I was having v. loose, pale stools and felt quite ill. So I ended up phoning 111 to see if it was something that needed checking out and was told to go to the GP that day, which I did- the GP basically told me to b****r off.

However, it has now been going on for 6 days and I'm beginning to get quite unwell (it feels like I have the flu). Could this be something related to IBS or the issues discussed previously?

Oh and the stomach cramps I've had for a while have been more frequent than usual since this started.



You must see a different GP as you could have a problem with your billiary system which includes gallbladder, liver and pancreas. Don't let it go on any longer especially as you are feeling so ill.

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I feel you should go back to the doctor and have the lump examined or at least checked out . I have a similar issue with IBS and stools having mucus and blood , but I did have my bowel checked (colonoscopy /camera examination recently) and all was clear. Go back and demand a full review .

Hope you get well soon.


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