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Help! Bloating for over a month!

Ive had lower abdominal swelling / bloating along with the pelvic region for weeks. Its so swollen it is uncomfortable. I have gone to the doctors weeks ago for this and bad a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis. They did see ovarian cysts and something that suggested a ruptured cyst. Since then it has gotten worse. I have regular periods. No chance of pregnancy. Negative urine sample for infection. Normal CBC. I am also experiencing pain/cramping and pressure in the swollen area. Increased urination. And sometime I have to apply pressure to empty bladder. Any thoughts or guidance would be helpful.

I'm a 22 year old female, I have had ulcerative colitis and pancreatitis in the past. Both of which are under control.

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I think you really need to go back to your GP. Having to apply pressure to empty your bladder is not right, make sure you tell him about this. If your pain gets worse I would go to A+E.

Hope you are soon better.


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