Severe bloating, help!

Hi everyone,

So I've been having a really bad IBS attack for the last couple of days. Which means I am constantly bloated. I have a wedding do tomorrow evening and at the moment i look about 6 months pregnant :( Can anyone recommend over the counter meds to get rid of this? I feel like i've tried everything with no positive results.

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  • The only thing that's helped me - and it's far from always is probiotics which you can buy off the shelf anywhere. Read up on it, they even have probiotics for babies - I don't think there's virtually anyone it can hurt. Good luck, hope your bloating subsides!

  • Yes I haven't tried the probiotics. Need to make that a priority, thank you! ☺️

  • Hi, all I can suggest is Magnesium if you're constipated to reduce the build up. Probiotics are a good idea too but won't fix the problem in time. Try to go without wheat in the morning on the day too as wheat is terrible for bloating. Good luck.


  • That's strange as I take magnesium every morning for hormone stuff, it has calcium and zinc as well in the tablet. So maybe that's why it is not effective at the bloating. 😮

  • Too much calcium inhibits absorption of magnesium. For constipation you need Magnesium Citrate on its own plus P5P (Vitamin B6 ) in the morning.

  • Pukka teas from a good health food shop. One called cleanse and one called detox. I'm trying cleanse. It is helping with the bloating. Xxxx

  • Yes heard good things about them! Woke up this morning and bloating has seen to have subsided but I don't trust it! So a bit worried about eating anything now in case. Off to get supplies after work. Thanks for your advice ☺️ X

  • Try having a wheat free day (if it isn't too late), and drink decaffeinated drinks or just water. Certain breads, pastry and pizza dough make me huge and bloated like that within minutes of eating them and I find a wheat detox helps. I snack on rice or oat cakes instead and drink green or peppermint tea for a day or two.

  • Have you tried to take the old fashioned remedy for bloated tummy. My grandmother would give me a drink of hot water from the kettle, and told me to sip it down. I know, it sounds silly, but it did get rid of the excess wind and bloating, or, if you prefer, try IBS for cramps from buscopan. It usually works for me.

  • You need to take about 800 to 1000mg of magnesium citrate capsules. Take last thing at night on an empty stomach with lots of water. This will clear the extra waste the next morning. I am bloated with constipation and I take this almost every day to keep me regular and stop the boating.

  • Severe bloating is a sign you have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I found out I have it, because I got diahrea, & I'm taking opiods for pain. You need to get to a gastroenterologist. There is a anti-biotic, just affects your intestines, called Xifaxin, which will help. Also there's a breath test, you do at home, which can confirm the diagnosis. You'll need to go on a special diet, the FODMAP diet, which limits foods that let the bacteria grow. Supposedly, 75-80% of people with irritable bowel syndrome, actually have SIBO. THis isn't easy to get rid of. Since my pain is all rectal pain, this is very bad for me, but it must be contributing to my problem. I hope you get help & feel better soon.

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