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Hi, can anyone suggest what I can try for a severe build up of wind in my stomach. It gets very high up at the top of my stomach and causes such pressure, it makes me feel I can't get a good deep breath. I suffer from IBS C and A, so wind and bloating are a big problem all the time, but not always so bad in my upper stomach. I wake early morning having to sit up and burp.Windese doesn't seem to help, I have tried gripe water, not much help, dieted a lot over the years with little if any help, feeling desperate now!

Thanks, Ros

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  • Hi Ros,

    I know I sound a bit like a stuck record as I've just responded to the post immediately prior to yours with the same question, but have you ever had a defecating proctogram to see whether you have intussusception and/or a rectocele as either or both of these can cause the problems you describe?


  • Hi Rosie, Yes I have had all the tests including a proctogram, nothing of any significance showed up, although I think they said I had a slight rectocele, and was shown pelvic floor type excercises. The nurse said you'll probably always be like this - so very helpful!! It does feel as though I go round and round in circles and don't get anywhere. Its just all been generally worse for a while.

  • I had a def proct late last year and at the time I too was told 'bit of a rectocele' just as you were. However, when I had a follow-up appt with the colorectal consultant he gave me a printed report which said I also had mild intussusception and an enterocele.

    Aside from wind/gas/burping etc, my other major complaint was that of not being able to empty my bowel properly and I was told that stool gets held-up by both intussus and recto thereby causing most, if not all, my probs.

    Again, like you, I was told to do pelvic floor exercises to help the situation and advised to invest in an electronic pelvic floor toner. After speaking with a very enthusiastic physio who uses these on patients, I invested in one. I'm now about 6 weeks into using it and the difference it's making is really remarkable, so I can highly recommend getting one.

    The same physio also told me that if I still got probs with the incomplete bowel-emptying-thing from time-to-time, to take a really potent laxative so that bms were just fluid and therefore cleared right around the intussus and out of the recto.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thank you for your long reply and info Rosie. Can I just ask whether the electronic toner is used vaginally? I also suffer from urethral inflammation, like cystitis, so don't know that I could tolerate the device.

  • You can get both anal and vaginal probes and if you can't use either you can use external electrode pads instead. A friend of mine has interstitial cystitis and uses the pads.

    It may be worth asking for a printout of your procto report just so you've got all the info.

    After 6 years of being told all my symptoms were due to causes unknown (IBS), it was actually a relief to finally get a real diagnosis and be able to deal with it properly.

  • What are vaginal probes please? Does a doctor have to perform this kind of thing?? Thanks.

  • No, the probe comes together with the pelvic toner, you just have to insert it about 2" (5cm) and remove it when the programme is complete, it's quite a small device. Read about it here:

  • I have been like that for the past four years nothing helps it. Just comes and goes

  • I have experienced similar symptoms and posted my problem some months ago .About 6 weeks ago I was quite sick and since then my burping problem has disappeared almost entirely .I have no reason to suggest that vomitting was the precursor of better health and well being or whether this was purely a coincidence

  • My GP suggested I tried the lowfodmap diet. It is very restrictive but within a week my bloating and pain reduced by 90%. I have now worked out the foods that cause me most problem which has been great. Any tips for lowfodmap diet would be welcome.

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