Bloating and excess wind help?

I am at my wits end with my IBS, I have suffered for a few years but it has got so much worse this year, I suffer really bad with bloating and wind, I have my breakfast and go to the toilet every morning (I used to have constipation but I've sorted that) then after lunch my stomach gets worse from there no matter what I eat, it bloats and so uncomfortable and I get really bad wind. It's really effecting my life in that I don't want to go out anywhere I hate coming to work which obviously I have to I am just so fed up. I have tried everything, I've been to see the consultant at the hospital, I've had a camera up this showed nothing, I have peppermint tea twice a day, I have pro biotics, I have just gone private to see a dietician and done the very strict fodmap diet this did not improve it at all, I just don't know what to do any advice much appreciated cheers

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  • Hi there I really feel for you as I too have had it bad for the last couple of months (got diagnosed 20 years ago). I’ve tried all the antispasmodics but my gp has just recently put me on co-codamol together with molaxole as the codeine causes constipation, just to get the pain under control and so far these have helped. Have you tried ginger tea for the bloating? It doesn’t always help for me but I’ve read on here that it does help for others. 🌸

  • I have the same but recently I followed the dukan diet to loose a few pounds and on the pure protein days had zero bloating or wind. It’s not a sustainable diet and it’s unhealthy plus I was constipated however I do know that proteins and zero fat dairy don’t cause me any problem so maybe I need to tweak my diet around that with some fibre thrown in when I find what veg works for me .

  • Hi,

    I know how you feel. I kept going back to doctor constantly, finally got sent to hospital to see consultant who by just talking to me informed me it was "just" IBS and prescribed antidepressants!! Not happy so back to doctor and finally one who listened. He said as things got worse could be H Pylori (helicobacter pylori) Had to hand in poo sample which came back as positive so got antibiotics for 1 week, also got peppermint capsules to take which I was reluctant to take as like you drink peppermint tea. But I must say so far so good, I still get flare ups but mostly when stressed but feel I can control it more as like you it was effecting my job/social life etc. So maybe worth a try to ask doctor about it? I also found Alflorex helps. Hope you get some relief soon. Chin up. X

  • Sorry to hear about your problems. It does get very wearing having to think about finding toilets at short notice. It sounds as though you’ve tried everything that I might suggest - the only possibility I can think of is related to the timing of taking your probiotics - a lot of advice suggests taking them with food, but I took Natures Best’s advice and take them first thing on an empty stomach with water. This gives them chance to get past your stomach without being destroyed by stomach acids - they can then survive to be useful in the gut.

    Other than that, though I’ve not tried it, Alflorex probiotics are supposed to be very good and contain a wider range of strains than many. They are also ‘guaranteed’ to reach the gut alive.

    I use Holland and Barrett’s Acidophilus, which works for me - and is much cheaper.

    Good luck!

  • Hi there,

    Have you been checked out for SIBO and Candida? The main symptom sare in this article:

    Hope this helps you,


  • Hello, yes I have been referred by the hospital for a test for SIBO just waiting to hear when hopefully this will show something fingers crossed

  • Interested to know did your Dino results reveal anything?

  • Sorry sibo results

  • Walker2796 may I suggest eating chewing gum after meals,something you are eating that's giving you wind, could it be bran cereals in the morning, eat your meals slower so your not swallowing air

  • Sorry chewing gum is a big no no for ibs as it makes it worse also yes I eat very slowly cheers

  • Walker2796 as I've been in same situ look at your diet ,cut down on sugary stuff it makes a difference ,eat more fruit,and porridge for breakfast ,good breakfast is the order of the day, look at your diet and cut out what you think gives you bloating

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