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No pain

I have had Ibs for 20yrs, not had a normal bm for 10mths. Had colonoscopy, ecat scan, lactose test, fecal & blood tests. Been on FODMAP which didn't,t seem to help.

My GP has been wonderful (I narrowly avoided having an episode in her surgery)!!! She prescribed Imodium which seemed to start me bed soiling so soon gave that up. The gastrologist prescribed codeine & fybogel which took a few weeks to kick in but did firm things up a bit. Then week before Xmas had three days nearly normal. Good Xmas, eating well and drinking wine. Two days after Boxing Day started having 'accidents' again. One night, I should have been in a social group of about 40 people but my partner couldn't make it so luckily for me I was at home when I had my worst accident ever. I couldn't get from my chair to the loo in time. Talk about the s...hitting the fan, I hardly knew how to clean myself up. What if I had gone out that night? How could anyone survive the embarrassment? But throughout all this I have been pain free which has to be a bonus.

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Have you tried intolerance tests ?

Dairy is a well known cause of IBS D - you could try eliminating it from your diet - I would suggest that if you do try this keep a food and bowel movement diary to see if there is any improvement - do this for at least 3 weeks.


Have been tested for dairy and gluten intolerance and pronounced ok. I do keep a diary and have tried going dairy and gluten free to no avail.


OK - that was worth a suggestion. With the diary there is n't anything obvious that's causing your problem

Hopefully you'll eventually find something that suits you

I would suggest that you buy a RADAR key which opens disabled toilets all over the country

Here's the link



Are you a diabetic? Some of the tablets given can cause this to happen.


No, I'm not diabetic. My only other complaint is an irritable bladder which has been successfully treated with patches.

What interests me is that everybody else I know with IBS has pain, I don't, so can I have the same complaint or is it just a convenient label?


You might be lucky and not get the painful cramps\wind just the unfortunate desperate urge to go. My mum rest her soul was the same no pain but urgent need! Thats why I asked if you were on some form of medication that had diareah as a side effect


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