I dont know where to go from here?

Im new on this site. I am 64. Ive had IBS since my teens. For many years I have combined my food - eating either only proteins together with other proteins or only carbs with only carbs accompanied by fresh veg every day. In the mornings up until 12 midday I have only eaten fruit combined with seeds and nuts, herbs and certain spices (cinnamon, tumeric etc. which are supposed to be beneficial). I found that this diet has helped considerably. However I have always had loose stools, going up to 6-7 times a day. I introduced psyllium husks (which I bought in bulk) and took a dessert spoonful in warm water every morning 2 hours before I ate my fruits. This seem to bulk up the stools and I had near normal stools although still going 3 or 4 times a day. However I still had trapped wind and which at night would cause me discomfort and sleepless nights. Bicarbonate of soda helped before bedtime. After about 6 months when the packet ran out I reordered but by mistake ordered the powdered psyllium husks. They immediately made me constipated and I quickly found I could not use them. This was last January. Since then I have not been able to get over the constipation and I am constantly bloated and uncomfortable no matter what I eat – or dont eat. I have constant headaches and sinus problems and feel like death warmed up! Even worse at night when I then have acid reflux and hot sweats all night. I went to the doctor who has prescribed lansoprazole, meberverine, peppermint capsules and peppermint gaviscon before bed and Laxido sachets. I have been on this regime for 6 weeks and although it has helped on the whole, I keep having flare-ups that last a week at a time and I cannot function I feel so bad. Yesterday I gave myself an enema after which I passed blood stained mucous and this morning I found a pulsating lump in my tummy next to my naval which is quite tender. So now Im really worried. Ive only eaten fruit since Tuesday (its now Saturday), as I am frightened to eat anything else and dont know what to do?

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  • Have you tried probiotics?

  • I tried just a months supply but I didnt really see any difference, however that was over a year ago before things got really bad. So thank you for that - I will try again. would you recommend just acidophillus or trying several different ones?

    Many thanks :)

  • I use actimel or yakult twice a day and it works for me, I also take coconut oil 1-2 times per day and it helps.

  • I will try certainly try them. Thank you so much. I have been using coconut oil, Im not sure, but I think it may be making it worse. Maybe the fat content?

  • It works for some people but not for others.

  • I found coconut oil made things a lot worse. Very high fat

  • My GP suggested the FODMAP diet, which takes a little getting used to, but works for me.

    Anything published by Monash University is reliable as they are carrying out on-going research into IBS.

    Wishing you well :-)

  • Thank you very much for that suggestion. I will ask my doctor about it next time I see her - although I am waiting for an appointment with a dietician, so she may know more about it. :)

  • You might be able to find out a out the fodmap diet this forum somewhere, it might be on one of the permanent posts done by the administration, maybe if you message them they could give you more information about it.

  • Hi there,

    We all have different triggers but I can't eat fruit or use peppermint ( or any other mint) as they cause my ibs to flare up!! I also find if it's a big flare up it doesn't matter what I eat for up to 5 days because my stomach is so unbalanced and needs to recover.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  • Really Jane - I didnt know fruit could cause it and certainly not peppermint! My flare ups last about 5 days as well. Do you just not eat then? or may be just drink?

  • It's not all fruit. FODMAP identify which are OK. Generally it's those with fructose that cause the problem, i.e. apples, pears, plumbs, pineapple. Fruit OK are bananas, most berries, melon (but not watermelon).

    Search FODMAP and you should find a chart or two. However, we all have slightly different triggers so FODMAP is a starting point.

  • Hello there SickBunny,

    The first thing I recommend you look into is Candida.

    Your sinus problems are a potential symptom. have a look at my article and see if any other symptoms match: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

    I had Candida for years without knowing it. When I read an article on it a few years back the penny dropped. It all fitted. I took a herbal treatment and felt so much better. Not a total solution but a huge improvement.


  • Are you allergic or sensitive to any foods maybe ask for some tests or have private sensitivity tests done. Otherwise look at FODMAP lots of fruits and vegs etc that you should avoid as they can cause gas x

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