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Does anyone else suffer more pain at night, and if so is there a pain killer that helps.

I wake up in agony every morning, take anything I have to hand wether its paracetamol, aspirin whatever.

My tum swollen, then during the morning it subsides, less pain, I eat rice cakes as I am Celiac as well, eat very little at lunch time - fodmap allowed fruit sometimes, by evening my belly is swelling the pain is gradually getting worse, by dinner time I can only eat small amounts of food, by then my belly looks like I am 8 months pregnant, I go to bed in agony. It was so bad last week I was taken into A & E and put on a paracetamol drip. My pain is partly in my back on one side. I have had an MRI - negative, Ultrasound - negative, my white blood count is high so the doc think there is also an infection in my body somehwere, I have lost a stone in the last 3 weeks. I lie in bed and wonder what the point of living is with so much pain every day.... I get no break from this and doctors are not very helpfull at all. If someone has managed to find a pain killer that helps I would be so gratefull, I have had all the spasmodic's, Aloe vera juice, mint capsules as well as tea. Thank you..

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I feel for you I really do, all i can assume is that the pain is a reaction to somthing you are eating as at night your body is at rest and your bowel tends to start moving things through..im assuming you follow the lowfodmap diet? so we can rule out gas causing the pain. Are you able to have a food allergy test? have they done a colonoscopy and endoscopy? have they checked you for gall stones? the weight loss Id have thought should be cause for concern.. with the pain you have my total empathy as have been there, I usually end up on morphine!! the back pain i get too which is awful. I no longer rigidly follow the low fodmap diet I have learnt a lot about what my body does and does not tolerate through doing the diet though, its a minefield what works for one doesnt work for others. Can i ask do you feel like you have a colic type pain? if so try magnesium trycilicate you can buy it cheaply at most pharmacies, its an old fashioned remedy but works really well..good luck and push for more tests.x


Poor you I also have a lot of pain and bloating .I usually have to go to bed with hot water bottle on tum and take codeine .This helps me so worth a try.


I sincerely sympathise with you.I have pain constantly all day but once I get to sleep I get releif.I am also on low Fodmap diet but it don't seem to help me either,I take Tramadol but that does not help much either.Im a bit like bickerton I spend most my day with a hot water bottle.Like every one on this site I hope you get some comfort from all our feller sufferers hugs and kisses


Wel, I have belly pain as well as aches and pain all over my body which makes it so I can't sleep. I tried this stuff called Amitryptiline. It really works and I was pain free the whole nest day. you take it at night at bed time and it really helps with pain and insomnia. Good Luck!


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