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IBS back pain and pain killers

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When my. IBS has flares up it aggravates my back problems. I used to manage the back pain with pain killers and anti inflamatories. I think the latter are why IBS got bad.

I am now in extreme pain and paracetamol is not doing mu h on its own. Codeine usually leads to constipation which also affects my back.

Ibuprofen or naproxen irritate my gut.

I am in catch 22

Take something for more pain relief and it will cause gut problems then back problems which is where I am now.

This time I have severe neck pain which is unbearable.

Dr prescribed anti depressant for pain but it says can take weeks to work.

I need pain relief now !!!

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I wonder if physical therapy would help you. I don't really think IBS causes neck pain. It is possible you pulled or stretched a ligament or tendon or muscle in your neck. Check with your doctor if PT would help.

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Tomuch in reply to b1b1b1

My Dr said it's possible the inflammation from the ibs triggers the back pain. The neck pain is something new as you say I've done something to it probably because I pulled something trying to get up and because of the stress of the whole thing.

I have physio exercises for my upper back but they are to painful at the moment.

I am hoping to find an osteopath as mine retired.

So an update on my pain. I was so much pain I called 111 I just wanted to know what I could do. After answering the questions they sent an ambulance out. I was not expecting that, a very nice paramedic spent over an hour with me some great advice. What a great service we have.

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dpotts in reply to Tomuch

What advice did you get?I also suffer with IBS back pain.

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Tomuch in reply to dpotts

Hi dpottsI had codeine but thought I couldn't take paracetamol with it.So was under medicating.

I said I was afraid to take codeine as it causes constipation which takes me back into the cycle. He advises taking laxatives straight away and get the pain under control.

He also said to take the anti depressant as it has been given for nerve pain.

My temperature was high so he thinks I have an infection, need to do urine test.

He gave me option of going into hospital for stronger pain killers but as temp high would go into red zone.

Decided to stay home and follow his instructions if still no better call 111 again.

Until this week I thought it was just me who thought the back pain was linked.

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Bits1961 in reply to Tomuch

Wow success story with 111. Shows they understand your needs and pain. Much more may I say than the local GP I have


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Tomuch in reply to Bits1961

I was so surprised when he said an ambulance was coming out. Way more than I expected but I needed it.Back in the day it would have been an on call doctor.

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Bits1961 in reply to Tomuch

Back in the day your own GP was on call 7 days a weekWe have gone backwards in care these days

I am having bad lower back pain at present and not going to the toilet properly loads of wind not much else. Bearable when sitting down but really hits me when I stand up?

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Tomuch in reply to Lanzarote25

Been there too, you are not alone. I know it doesn't help but I know the feeling

I could of wrote this post myself I find that it’s either my back pain causing the ibs pain or the other way round it’s hell ! I’m on low dose anti press ants for this for months the dose may be too low as it’s not worked . Ask your doc to be referred to physio I’m on the waiting list , I did pay for acupuncture unfortunately caused me more pain . I just use hot water bottles front and back , lay flat on floor with legs up the wall , hope you feel better soon x

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Tomuch in reply to Pansy2

Me too Pansy I think it's to do with inflammation, there's only so much space in the body.The para medic said that I was under medicating as can take paracetamol and codeine.

I am scared to take codeine because of side effects he said the important thing is getting the pain under control, which is why I called them and to take laxative straight away.

He was very thourough and found my temp and blood pressure high. Could have gone into hospital for stronger pain killers but would be in red zone as high temperature. Last thing I need is covid.

I would definitely call them again if feel that bad again.

I feel so sad for people who have to think if they can afford health care, NHS rocks


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Pansy2 in reply to Tomuch

Have you tried Epsom salt baths and magnesium lotion ? I use them the Epsom salt bath once a week , I don’t use the codeine either and anti imfkammotories no way !! And the staff at my hospital are fantastic couldn’t agree with you more 😀x

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Tomuch in reply to Pansy2

I think anti-inflamatries are my enemy.Haven't tried Epsom salts will give a try. I do have magnesium oil but haven't used consistency.

Thank you. It's good to talk to someone who knows what you are going through.

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Tomuch in reply to Pansy2

I was given exercise sheets by my physio but its to painful at the moment. Problem is I forget to keep it up when not in pain. The best thing for me was an osteopath he sorted the back out in 2 visits. Need to find new one, he retired

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Pansy2 in reply to Tomuch

I couldn’t do my exercises either !! I went to a chiropractor they sorted me out had to stop as it was too expensive for me x

It does help to know I am not alone! Under quite a lot of stress at moment which does not help! Thanks all

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Pansy2 in reply to Lanzarote25

Your definitely not alone !! Xx

We will have to keep eachother going

Thanks we must help each other so important

Snap. I'm in the same boat. I try to alleviate the constipation with daily Laxido . It kind of helps but causes wind.😏

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Pansy2 in reply to Bits1961

I take it too it does cause wind and bloating 😖x

I told my gp about the side effects of movicol she prescribed something I hadn't heard of. I haven’t taken them as it's something new to me., better the devil you know at this point. Have you had lactulose thats lethal for me. 😵

You’re definitely not on your own with the neck & back pain , I think it’s due to inflammation from IBS & constipation and wind , I put the neck pain down to tension .

I use deep heat max cream , hemp cream , heat patches & Chinese muscle rub , which they use where I have Accupuncture & acupressure .

It all helps as I don’t want to keep taking paracetamol, I think the heat patches are the best for my back pain .

I totally agree about the inflammation and constipation being the source of back and neck pain.Before I was diagnosed with IBS last year I thought my back pain was causing stomach problems. Turns out it's more often the other way around

I get pains down the back of my thighs as well when the IBS is playing up , I think this is quite a common symptom , in the IBS world 🙄

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