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Localised lower right side pain

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For the last few months I've been getting a pain in my lower right side, and I'm trying to figure out if it's related to the IBS or not. It's below (and to the right) of my belly button and it's very localised so it's only a very small part of my abdomen that gets sore.

I used to only get it every now and then, but for the last few weeks I've had it nearly constantly and it can get pretty intense. It's worse whenever I put pressure on that area (bending down, sitting in a certain way etc) and the pain isn't relieved by anything other than pain killers. It's not related to eating and I don't get any relief when I go to the toilet.

I had an ultrasound to rule out ovarian cysts or a hernia so the doctor thinks that it might just be something bowel-related. Does anyone else have symptoms like that with IBS?

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Have you had gallstones ruled out ?

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Gallstones would surely be upper right quadrant of abdomen, not the lower abdomen?

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When I had gallstones the pain was exactly where you describe.

Sounds like your appendix area to me. Gps used to talk about 'grumbling appendix' where it could irritate you but not actually turn into full blown appendicitis. I think thats what gps used to fob u off with before they discovered they could fob u off with ibs instead x

I have that location of my pain too. If u go down about 2 inches from the navel and to the right about 4 inches, that's where I get the pain. Mine is usually at night between 2 and 4am and lasts for 2 hrs then eases gradually. It seems to be mainly combined with constipation. I'm also going through menopause and I think it's to do with my metabolism slowing down. I've been checked with blood tests, ovary scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI scan and all is clear. So they have discharged me with "Unexplained Symptoms' I've been given amitriptyline as a painkiller, 50mg per day so far and it seems to be taking the edge off the pain a bit, but obviously doesn't cute the root of the problem. My latest tack is I'm reading a book called "Irritable Bowel Solutions" by John Hunter. He, and other docs at Addenbrooks, Cambridge, are doing research with groups of IBS sufferers. It's worth a look. You have to answer questionnaires about your symptoms, then you can put into a certain category and are offered solutions accordingly. Good luck

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Interesting that you are on amitriptyline - it is not a painkiller, but it is an anti-depressant and works well for anxiety - as IBS can be stress related, it will work to prevent anxiety and therefore you could probably assume that flares are stress triggered? I am having a major flare right now after years of no symptoms at all. Been through a stressful few weeks and after months of a completely gluten free diet (no grains at all), I introduced gluten free oats, crackers and bread last week so I am not too sure if it is the extra fibre or the anxiety that has triggered the flareup. I am going to try and get a telephonic consultation with my doctor and see if I can get a script for amitriptyline as I have used it for anxiety in the past - with great results! So thank you for the reminder about amitriptyline :)

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susiewusie in reply to Alli1958

Yes I was told that amitryptiline used to be used in the past as an antidepressant in much higher doses, but that now it is prescribed for people with chronic (ongoing) pain such as MS or IBS but in a much lower dose. You have to take it for about 8 weeks before you feel any effects so its not an immediate painkiller like paracetamol, but works by gradually calming the nerve endings in the area where you feel the pain. I'm on 50mg and it is helping

Hi. I get this too. Sometimes the pain has been to intense that I've almost fainted and had sweat pouring out of me. Other days it's just been a nag that is there. I've found out that mine is my ileocecal valve. Have a look on google. I've had some kinesiology and I've learnt to chew my food until it is puréed.

I hope this helps.

I used to get that sort of pain with my IBS many years ago. I could pinpoint exactly where just like you say, although it would be either side not just the right. I think it's probably the area where the intestines turn sharply as they wrap round inside and enter the large intestine. I too had scans etc done. I started taking peppermint oil capsules, high strength and found them really good. Some people find they get indigestion with peppermint, but it worked well for me. Like Susiewusie I too was going through the menopause at that time and think it was related. Now I'm older, I still have IBS but no longer get that particular pain.

I have had occasional flare-ups of this exact same problem over many years, sometimes it can last a few days but my last flare-up at beginning of this year lasted six weeks. Mine is definitely connected to IBS...drinking more water and eating smaller meals slowly certainly helps me. I don't worry about the occasional flare-up now as I've had it off and on for so many years and I know there is no other medical problem in that area.

I have similiar problems & I use colonic irrigation at home every day. I find after lunch the pain is worse . I use the toilet and usually pass pellets of medium hard poothen the pain stops.

I get this occasionly. Google: ileocecal valve. It's where the small intestine joins the colon. You can massage the area and it opens ( or closes ) the valve which can stick, and the massage resets it. I found it very helpful. I only have to massage the area once a month or so now. Hope this helps. :)

This is exactly how my flareup started. I started having a pain in my lower right abdomen - possibly a bit lower than you describe. I have been totally symptom free for many years and suddenly last week started with this pain, which has turned into a full blown flareup. I thought it might be due to introducing gluten free bread, crackers and oats after months of going totally grain free (thought maybe the extra fibre was at work) but after a few days of agonising pain I went to the doctor and he said its IBS - gave me a diet sheet but it is pretty much what I follow now with my gluten free eating plan anyway, so not sure how helpful it will be. I actually forgot to mention the pain in the lower right side - and in the UK doctors don't seem to carry out any physical examinations. If I had gone to my GP in South Africa with this complaint she would have examined my belly - in 18 months of living in the UK I have not once been touched by a GP - all they do is look things up on their computers and give advice on what they find there. I find it most bizarre to be honest! I may as well have had a telephonic consultation! In fact, I am probably getting better information from this site so could have cut out the visit to the GP altogether :)

I have the same thing! Two ER trips, 2 GI specialists never figured it out. My regular doctor said it can be from lesions where internal tissue is stuck to other tissue. It most often is scar tissue from a previous surgery or injury (in my case I had girly parts surgeries and pregnancy complications).

My doctor's idea is once we get my colon to calm down and stop being inflamed that lesion 'tug' will lessen also. She said sometimes they go in and release it but that can cause more scar tissue so there's a risk involved.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I don't think it's gallstones because presumably this would have showed up on an ultrasound?

I'm in my early 30s so it shouldn't be anything menopause related.

The ileocecal valve sounds like it's in the right place to be causing the pain, but if I push on that area it really hurts so I don't think massaging would do any good. The doctor gave me an abdominal exam and I was in agony for the rest of the day because she pressed quite hard on that area.

I'll ask my doctor about "grumbling appendix", although from what I can tell that seems to be a bit controversial.

I had something similar. Turned out to be gallstones which had shown on scan and told to ignore lots of people had them. It's worth checking I saw consultant who recommended gallbladder removal and pain now gone.

Hi Alliandre, I agree with 'Monkeycat', I also wonder if it is your appendix. If the pain continues I wouldn't ignore it. Although we tell the doctors how much pain we're in they really have no idea how intense the pain can be. Some people can put up with more pain than others and they don't really take much notice until you firmly point it out to them. I hope you are able to find out what is wrong but I wouldn't mess around for too long. I hope you soon get to the bottom of what is causing your pain.

I always have this nagging pain hence i am never sure whether my stomach or my ovary is on fire when it really gets going.

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Sounds like the appendix area indeed but get the doctor to check it again.

I have read a few posts on here in the past about people with IBS getting pain etc on the right hand side of the body. Maybe it is related.


I have been having this type of flare ups for last 20 years but recently couple of years are really bad and after going through all scans explained here my conclusion is with eleocecal valve as well but its not a recognized syndrome in UK. Ibuprofen is what relives the inflammation and pain for me. Please keep this page updated if any of the member finds any solution for this symptom. Also does any of you get bad breath and symptom worsen when sitting on sofa or some softer place?

This is becoming incredibly painful for me - this localised pain - I can't get rid of it - I only get it now and again but when I do its very sore. I don't know what to do about it but have had all the tests. I am going through the Menopause too and taking evening primrose oil for hot flushes. I am gluten free but I find that through trying the FODMAP diet it helps. Any ideas anyone?

Out of interest, something no one has mentioned so far is that I get really bad bleeding caused by piles and this happens when I am constipated or have diarrhoea - I have been referred for banding. I find this is worst when I have the pain. They have ruled out the bleeding being caused by anything internal but its scary when the toilet bowl is totally full of blood when you go to the loo!

drdavidwilliams.com/how-to-... - whilst searching for info on the ileocecal valve I found this really helpful article - I hope it helps other sufferers - it seems EXACTLY what I have!

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I've got pain in that area & had gall plus kidney stones ruled out, a grumbling appendix or something starting with P & ending with itus has been said

My advice to you is get it checked out, as I left it for mnths & believe me it ain't fun suffering with it, still dunno what it is

I have this, like a discomfort and mucus in stools

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