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Bad cramps, throbbing pain behind belly button


Hi, I was diagnosed in Oct 19 with IBS. I usually get flare ups of pain behind my belly button every few weeks. It's not constipation as I would still have BM's and sometimes D. Since yesterday morning I am having a really bad flare the cramps are worse than usual and I still have it today. It had been over a month possibly 2 since I've had a flare up of pain in that area. I took buscopan all yesterday but they didnt seem to help at all. I can eat, still have an appetite, no nausea, I had a bm yesterday morning and 1 this morning. The cramps are like when you have a bad stomach bug, but I would know by now if that was it. Any suggestions on what I can do to relieve it? I also have stage 4 endometriosis so not sure if it could be that either. Thanks.

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I think I would increase my intake of water, and probably head towards a bland diet of grilled chicken or fish and plain boiled potatoes. I would also contact my GI team to find out what they recommend.

Andy17 in reply to FRreedman

Thank for your reply.

Hey man, currently going thru the same business, I haven't yet found a certain prevention, however short term relief from the achy cramps and burning sensations of the intestines is what i’ve come across, liquid form of Gaviscon or pepto bismol. They sooth the burning feeling for me and the burning feeling is what creates the cramps/ache maybe then take some pain killers for the ache (short-term pain killers). I’ve also been told omeprazole helps the symptoms to, yet to try it.

Andy17 in reply to Gastronomical

I'm afraid to take pain killers because they are so bad for your stomach and think they will cause me more trouble down the line. Is that nexium? Thanks I will try out gaviscon and pepto bismol.

Gastronomical in reply to Andy17

I get you, many people are stand-offish when it comes to pain killers as you could be masking and underlying problem. Nexium are available for about £12(where I’m from) over the counter, however they 100% work short term for myself, also from reviews and what I looked up they seem safe, however the omeprazole are prescription. But regular use of pepto would always be beneficial. Hope you get well bud.

Andy17 in reply to Gastronomical

Thanks I'll give all of them a go.

This came in my in tray this morning. I don't know if it would be of any help!


Andy17 in reply to Maureen1958


Have you been referred to a dietitian to take you through the fodmap elimination and reintroduction diet to find out if you have any food intolerances?

WindyTowers in reply to xjrs

I can really recommend lowFODMAP diet. My IBS was well controlled for a decade on wheat-free diet, and then 2 years pain-free if I stick to that very complicated (but worth it!) lowFODMAP diet. Just this week I've had to add in regular Buscopan as well, but all worth it to avoid pain of gut spasms, bloating & fatigue.

Andy17 in reply to xjrs

No the gastro just said its IBS and/or adhesions from my other condition endometriosis, and said I had no inflammation after a stool sample and I didn't need further tests so discharged me. He suggested the fodmap diet. I will admit I have zero willpower and adore food so I'm wondering do allergy tests work. Could I just get one of them done instead? And it would save me having to do the work of a fodmap diet. It's very lazy I know🙈

Really sorry Andy17 but food intolerance tests don't work - you'd be wasting your money - see evidence here:

Your GP can and should be referring you to a fodmap trained dietitian to take you through the fodmap elimination and reintroduction diet. You are within your rights to ask for this. The decision you need to make if whether or not you want to feel better and unfortunately feeling better is going to involve some work - but it is definitely worth it in the end.

Andy17 in reply to xjrs

Xjrs yeah I'll need all the help I can get so I will bring this up with my gp. Thanks.

Hi Andy do you live in the UK? Have you been tested for celiac disease? I have tried buscopan which had no effect at all. Also tried Merbentyl which helps to calm your intestines but can affect the nerves to the bladder so you can't feel when you need to go to the loo. I found Merbeverine helped as it targets the smoothe muscle in the intestine, which can jhlpe the muscle spasm which gives the pain. Co codomol is very helpful for pain- advised by pharmacist when paracetomol did not work.

My fifty years or more problem was helped by food intolerance tests. When I removed the intolerances, in hidden foods, I could go out for the day.

Stress is a major factor, but half the stress comes if you are worried about finding a loo.

Gluten is associated with endometriosis and fibromyalgia. Having tests for grains may well help the problem as wheat rye barley, semolina contain gluten and other proteins which may give histamine flares. Dairy intolerance including lactose milk sugar, can also upset the sensitive digestion. Being tested through the NHS you will find tests for gluten, dairy, and egg. Better tests can exclude over sixty food types, which may be affecting your digestion.

Trust you will have tests for autoimmune disease for celiac disease, which is non invasive.

Andy17 in reply to hawii60

Hey no I live in Ireland. I have been tested for celiac and it was negative. I'll say it to my gp and see what tests she thinks might help. Thanks

hawii60 in reply to Andy17

That' good to see you had tests for celiac in your area. It might worth having food intolerance tests. I had them done and though the text books say gluten is the substance that causes the problem with the gut, it can be multigrain rice and maize that are not tested for celiac.. Was told I was not gluten intolerant so thought I was ok.

We have independent food intolerance tests through pharmacies and some areas have tests through Natures Best which do 100 food and environmental tests. One lady went to Natures Best but she found she had an intolerance to alcohol..she had so many intolerances she had to revise the whole of her diet. Alphega pharmacies are linked the UK and to the EU and have branches may be in Ireland. Don't give up. My daughter has endometriosis and fibroids, and she is thinking of having an injection to try to help her symptoms with the menopause and the endometriosis. I guess this might be important as well as IBS as the nerves to the pelvic region may create added pain with two pelvic and abdomen problems. No need to reply.

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