Crying with frustration and pain

I am in the middle of a really bad bout of IBS, stomach cramps lasted 4 days, now day 3 of severe rectal pain. I know it will pass but the thought of the days until it does is literally making me sit and cry. I can't find any relief, have taken Colofac and pain killers to no avail. As for food, I am already Gluten and egg free and too many fruit and veg cause wind which I find amazingly painful so not eating very much at all but never loose weight.

I was due to go away for a couple of days (sunny Wales) but the thought of sitting for long in the car is scary.

I am usually a cup half full person but today is really getting me down. Sorry for the negativity but it's helps to know I'm not the only one struggling.

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  • 👋 know just how you feel, I started with a flare up in August and it’s still ongoing the only painkillers that help me are co-codamol 🌸

  • The only thing I can think of that may help is only eating little snacks and not meals. I know you have said you eat very little but this is the only thing I can think of. I hope it eases up very soon.

    By the way, Colofac does nothing for me, I take Buscupan and have a hot water bottle.

  • So sorry Lizzie. I’ve been in a 4 year flare. Not one decent day. But, for you, I understand how even one day is horrible. I do take 1-2 pain pills a day. Helps during the day, but not at night when the pain is at it’s worst. I rarely eat or sleep. Have lost 44 pounds. Too skinny! Do you maybe need some fiber? I take fiber pills before bed & an IBS Supplement I found on Amazon. I have IBS-C and I “go”everyday, but it’s a struggle. I’ve already had surgery to repair damage that it caused. Your rectal pain could be an anal fissure. Please go to a Gastroenterologist and get checked, especially is you ever see bright red blood. Have you tried drinking Peppermint Tea or peppermint capsules? These things used to work for me until I got much worse after my fiance’ passed away suddenly. STRESS is so bad, but my stress is constant. Did you have extra stress before your flare? Please take care and I hope this doesn’t last much longer for you.

  • Wow im so sorry for ur loss of ur finace it is no wander uve had a flare for a long time, stress does bad things to your stomach.

    Ive had ibs 25 years only got diagnosed year ago because ended up in hosp with suspected burst apendix.

    I have since found out im gluten and dairy intolerant... it has worked to cut it all out and eat clean.

    I also take alot of supplements ie peppermint oil capsules, digestive enzyme and mega probiotic, this all seems to work for me..

    I hope this can help u but mayb some grief counceling or therapy could help untie the upset u must hold in ur stomach

  • Buscopan and mebevrine really helped as did mint tea . Read on here bananas are meant to help so my daughter has been having one every day . Combination of all this helping.Now on mebevrine and peppermint oil capsules When needed. But regular peppermint tea is really helping. We also kept a food/medicine diary this really helped as then saw a pattern of which meds were actually making a difference

  • Thank you all for replying.. Wizzie i am so Very sorry for your loss. I did have a bit of stress before this flare i am dental fobic and had 2 teeth removed which was traumatic for me. I take probiotics but will try peppermint. Hope that someone somewhere will one day find an answer that works for us all !!

  • Thanks Lizzie. Did you take antibiotics when you had your teeth pulled? If so, Big Red Flag!

  • Yes to antibiotics

  • That’s why you are in a flare! Always tell your doctors you have IBS and then they can give you the mildest antibiotic that will help you. Antibiotics to IBS sufferers are the devil!

  • Hi, I do hope u feeling better. I know it's very miserable and I get very emotional when I have a flare up. When I get bouts, I don't really want to go anywhere and have missed out going out with friends, which makes you even more miserable! I sleep a lot when I'm like this and I try to concentrate on some thing else. I hope you get to

    Wales and enjoy the sun!!!! X

  • Morning Magz,

    I know what you mean, I have been on Half term this week and have not been anywhere or done anything exciting, just housework , (cancelled the Wales trip) and like you have slept a lot. I think I am coming out of it now, cramps etc much less frequent and less severe.

    Thanks for all the support on this forum. Let's hope one day we will all get some answers and proper relief.

    Keep smiling

    Lizzie :-)

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