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Hi all!

Glad to see some others leaving comments on here, nice to have company!

I've done all the strength and flex podcasts and found them great for the rest days between the c25k runs. I'm sure my flexibility has improved and can use the stretches after the runs.

I sometimes do the s and f when out walking the dog, and have found sturdy farm gates are ideal for lots of the exercises. You definitely have to improvise a bit though! For a bench I have been known to use various items of farm equipment, eg a roller, or a cows water trough! The things we do!

Yes, it would be great if more people blogged on here........

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Hi there, petal51... so you must be a graduate... Well done! Aren't there any graduate badges here? :-(

Love the idea of you using a water trough... I wonder what did the cows thought. :-)

Are there any pitfalls we need to be aware of?


oops... I wonder what the cows thought.

I must remember to re-read text before posting... once published there's no way to correct such typos... just the very drastic act of deletion.


There are graduate badges here! Email me to claim yours!


Wow - you're definitely inventive with the 'benches'. Good to see someone else really likes S&F. I thought I was alone!


Yes, I do like it! No, you are not alone!!


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