The 21 day stretch Quest - week 1 of 7

The 21 day stretch Quest - week 1 of 7

The stretch Quest starts tomorrow

It will be a 21 stretch day quest. You can do 3-7 days a week depending on your ability. Just tick off the days and complete 21. When you have finished there will be a quest completed post with a certificate you can download and virtual badge. If you want to do the ultra quest and do every day for 7 weeks then there will be a special certificate for you and a different badge.

You can use any stretches you like, if you have specific physio work please do them exactly the way they have recommended and use the quest to fit it with your physio program

If you are going to be using the NHS stretches for the quest here is the link so you can use them. The videos to use are the 5th to the 9th.

Good luck everyone








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  • I'm ready to start tomorrow, I will be using the NHS stretches and looking to do them 3 times a week.

  • I'm ready to start with the NHS stretches

  • Welcome onboard. I have added your name.

  • I would like to join in and will start today

  • Welcome onboard, are you doing your own stretches or the NHS ones? It is going to be interesting to see how much variation we get over the 7 weeks from everyone.

  • I am doing the NHS ones, started yesterday. I found some of them hard, I thought I was fit, but onwards and upwards. I will keep going, hope I loosen up soon.

  • I think this is why stretches are so important, you can be very fit but have tight muscles and in the long term this can lead to niggles which is why the NHS says it is a more rounded exercise regime that include stretches, hehe saying that I am the worlds worst for trying to fit them in, hence the quest to see if it can make me better.

  • Thanks, I think three times a week will be enough to start, my spine is very painful this morning, I did not overdo it yesterday, but I am very stiff this morning.

  • Please count me in on the stretch challenge, 3 times a week probably.

  • Welcome onboard, same as me. I'm going to start at three and see how I get on, I would rather start small and do them then start bigger and give up. That's my way of thinking. 😀.

  • I would very much like to join 😇

  • Welcome on board, I have added your name in.

  • Hi, I am new and would like to start this quest. I am not sure I am being too ambitious starting a quest as soon as I join up lol 3 days a week only for me as I am very unfit and have been doing physio exercises to get my muscles back to normal but I am now looking to start moving a bit more.

  • Not at all. We should all be doing mobility work as part of our daily regime every day for the rest of our lives. You don't need to be fit to benefit from increasing your mobility. But do be careful.

  • Hi there, and have added your name to the week 2 post. I'm the same as you 3 days a week with physio stretches. Please feel free to keep going to get to the 21 days and take no notice of the week 2 of 7 .

  • Thanks, I will make a start on it :)

  • I'm in btw

  • Your name has been added, welcome onboard.

  • hi is it too late to start the stretch challenge?

  • Never too late, welcome onboard I have added your name.

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