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Hello I'm a newby

Hi everyone this is my fist time on here so I just wanted to drop in and say Hello.

I have already lost 16lb in weight but that's off my bottom half, my top is bigger than ever and I have so much fat on my back I'm ashamed. I started doing Pilate's from U tube yesterday and exercising my back, shoulders and arms with weights. I must admit I felt aching all over today but I managed to do them again. I need to loose another half a stone so any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.

I wish you all a good evening.

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Weight loss is mostly to do with what you eat, there is a forum on here, below is the link, join it and you will get lots of help on there.


Thank you so much. This site has so much on it I don't know where to start.

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Loads of stuff here indeed, plus full of really great people.


Welcome to our little forum. I have to say if your aching from what you've been doing then you on the right track and wouldn't want to be doing much more than that at the moment. Th strength and flex podcasts are great because they cover the whole body and get you out walking as well. With toning up it feels like a slow process but it's all going on underneath. Stick with it and soon you will notice muscles getting firmer. Keep coming back and let us know how your going.


Hi I have been doing exercises for my back an shoulders. I wanted to do something for my waist. I had to get on the floor and I had to reach for my knees. The pain in my back was unbearable so I gave up. I did some side bends instead. I want to sdtick with stand hip exercise wherever possible.

If you have any ides I would be grateful for your input.

Have as great weekend.


Hello ginster,

I had a similar problem losing weight until I started doing a 5 mile walk near where I live, if you follow my posts you will see the progress that I have made in a very short time, apart from the walk I adjusted my diet too and this has helped me with my energy levels as well as maintaining my muscle tissue, I used to do weight training years ago but can no longer do the training due to arthritis so the walk is ideal for me because it is low impact and is still helping me lose weight. There is no need to feel ashamed of being fat as most people go through this at some point in their lives, I hope this helps.


Hi, I think I just hate everything about myself full stop TBH.

I am aching so bad today across my back and neck / head today. I did a 20 mins workout this am and it was so hard.

The good news is I bought myself some hand dumbbells a resistance band and a sports bracelet.

Way to go.


Waist muscles are hard to target for exercise, but some of the best are really simple sounding but take a lot of work and really can work you core (waist) muscles.

The best one is stand on one leg without holding on to anything. The wobble you do before you put your foot in the ground to stop you falling over is a great exercise for activating those muscles. The longer you can stand on one leg before having to put the other one down gives you some indication of how strong they are. Never do anything that actually hurts while your doing it and rest In between session to give your muscles time to heal. Strength work is a slow process but the benefits really do come if you stick with it.

Keep coming back and let us know how your doing.

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Im after some advice.

Yesterday I purchased a Smart Sports Bracelet from Tescos and regardless of what I do I cannot get it to work. I downloaded an App as suggested but the App won't let me use it without a user name and password. I haven't got a user name or password. The App is called Aceband and the reports about it are pretty grim.

Have you or anybody else any idea how to set these Bracelets up or an App that I could use.



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