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Physio class yesterday

Since Novemeber last year I have had a bit of a niggle in my back (sacroiliac joint) and went to see my doc. She suggested a physio appointment and that came through a couple of weeks ago. After seeing the physio, she suggested a class for me. The upshot was yesterday I had my first session of Hydrotherapy.

I got to Guys hospital and was directed down to the basement. There I got into my swimming costume and into a warm pool. It was like the baby pools in the gyms, it came just above waist height and was warmer than a normal pool with a bar around the edge. Then I did half an hour of walking, striding, squats and swinging my legs about. Half way through I thought mmmmm not doing too much here but I suppose it will make some difference.

I had been told my glutes and core were a little weak so that was what we were working on.

Left the hospital and got on The bus home. Stood up to get off the bus and my legs and core felt like jelly. I couldn't believe the sort of workout they felt like they had had. Today I can feel an ache deep in the glutes, which is really good as that's exactly where I wanted to start to build up.

It's got me thinking has anyone got any experience of aqua aerobics? I'm wondering if that would do the same sort of job once I'm finished with my physio session as I'm really impressed with the way it works your body and have in the past felt that aqua aerobics was a soft option, but now have a new view on it. I'm looking to get a new gym membership in a couple of months and might look for one that has aqua aerobics now.

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Yes, I went to a few sessions 10 years ago ( I can date it almost exactly because I got into the pool a few minutes early and was told to get out because the Over 50's Swim session hadn't finished. I was a month or so short of my 50th :) although it has to be said it should probably have been called the Over 70's Swim based on the participants! )

Anyway, I digress, it was good fun I enjoyed it although quite a few of the ladies were clearly just there for a chat and didn't do much. The first few sessions were pretty easy for me, then a new teacher came who worked us quite hard which I enjoyed but there were a few complaints I seem to remember.

I stopped going because I started to volunteer in the charity shop and could no longer make the session. But I think I will see whether they happen on other days.

You don't realise how hard you are working those muscles because the water is supporting you.


I have just checked. There are three daytime sessions now, so that gives me a choice of two for my non-running days. I have made a calendar note to go along after my holiday.

We do go in the pool most days if there is time after our walks so I will be doing a bit of swimming soon anyway


Sounds like a plan, I do think I will look for a gym that does it, I'm in transition with my gym so it gives a good reason to see what each gym offers. I have been swimming once a week and it's made my running muscles a lot happier. That's one of the things I liked about triathlon training, it all compliments all he muscles. Have a Nice holiday.


Glad it went well RFC !

I dont tend to go swimming much as personally I get a bit bored just swimming up and down , but aqua aerobics sounds great .

Might check that out at my local pool ! :-) xxx

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Every time I've seen a class everyone looks like they are having fun, now I know how much it can work the core and everything else, I'm really interested fun and core work sounds perfect to me, as you know How much I love my core work. πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬.

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I did aqua-aerobics for 2 years up until my surgery past October. Haven't got enough movement and strength n my ankle yet to return, but miss it. We had a good teacher who pushed us, we also had some ladies who were only there to chat and "splash about". Can't wait until I can return though I notice the teacher from before is no longer there :(


Hope you heal fast and can get stuck in again soon πŸ˜€. A lot of people have said the same, you get what you put in, which I suppose is up to the individual but it would make it a great option for recovery if you can start soft and build up. I hope the new teachers just as good when you get back. Keep us informed how that ankle is healing and your road to recovery.


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