Legs and left side of my body always cold

Hi, I'm new to this so not sure how it all works or if I'm posting in the right place. For the past few years my legs, from the top of my thighs down to my knees are permanently cold, I mean a wet cold feeling, also the left hand side of my body, my arm and around where my heart is always cold too, but that only came a couple years ago, had the cold legs now for about 4 years. Does anyone have any idea what it is or has anyone got anything similar? As it's driving me insane, I've been to the doctors a few times now but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Thanks

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  • Yes I have a wet cold feeling in both legs up to my thighs - water levels rising a little incrementally. I also have burning soles and palms and pins and needles in hands and feet 24/7. Not sure yet but I see a neurologist end of November and my GP and rheumy first thought Raynauds because I have RA. Now they think it is peripheral neuropathy - not caused by diabetes or B12 deficiency and they say my hypothyroidism is too well controlled to cause this.

  • Sorry to hear that, I don't have the burning or pins and needles though, have you managed to get anything sorted with it?

  • No not yet - 11 powerful drugs in 3 and a half years - only a few that I've managed to tolerate! Gaberpentin was the latest to fail. Did nothing for neuropathy and made me extremely unwell in a scary way! Ah well. Hopefully you will have much more luck.

  • Oh dear, that's not good, I hope you manage to get sorted. I just have the cold wet feeling in my legs and upper left side, the rest of my body is fine, just getting fed up with people saying I'm just nesh, driving me mad

  • What does nesh mean?! I feel as though both legs are submerged in deep, cool water with burning coals under my feet and burning ants wandering about my hands and legs! You couldn't make this stuff up!

    Have you ever had an accident where your nerves may have been damaged? I ask this because it would explain the one sidedness. I think most neuropathy is either in one limb only or bilateral like mine. I've had this for ages - will never get used to it though!

  • No I don't think I can get used to this, the doctors don't seem to want to do much though. Nesh means I feel the cold more than anyone else and that's not it, because it's only those areas that are cold and it's just come from nowhere, I've never had an accident to provoke it

  • How about other conditions such as thyroid or diabetes or autoimmune troubles? Or menopause? I had the same sensation (deep heat flushes) in my arms/ wrists for a year before my Rheumatoid Arthritis started in earnest. But it also tarried with an early menopause so I put it down to hormones. Now got to turn iphone off as running out of battery on route to New York - wading through a river as I go! Take care ;-)

  • Well it wouldn't be menopause as I'm a man, lol, but I had a blood test done which showed my thyroid to be slightly under active, which I've been taking tablets for, for the last few months, I don't feel any different for it though. I think I might go back to the doctor again, whether they'll do anything though I don't know. Anyway take care and hope you manage to feel better soon

  • please and please, doctors never know this cpmplicated issue they are only guessing.

    this is spiritual attack all you need is deliverance, find a gospel deliverance church around you- it sound wield but the throught. it is a demonic attack. That ant moving IT IS NOT MEDICAL----very painful and like fire- it moves as if a camel want to pass through a niddle hole.

  • Have you seen a rheumatologist?

  • No I haven't, all I've had done is the basics, which is a blood test, an X-ray and MRI scan, all showed up nothing apart from my thyroid being slightly under active which I take a tablet for every day, I don't feel any different for it though. The doctor have basically said now there isn't much else they can do, surely they can investigate further than that?

  • Get referred to a rheumatogist. You have tthe right.

  • Isn't that for arthritis though? It's just I don't feel any pain, just coldness. Thanks though, I think I'll do that

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