Really bad cold and cough!

i have caught a very bad cold and cough everytime i cough it hurts my chest and at the moment it feels like i can't breathe though my mouth when i try and breathe in all i hear is a strange noise what would u recommend to take i have raynauds so i've only been taking honey and lemon and painkillers i'm hoping it goes before wednesday as it's my birthday but i doubt it will as ive only had it since early hours of yesterday morning aslo i can't sneeze without coughing thanks for ur replys if u answer

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  • Guess what, I hav problems withfingers going white, blue. painfull. Use gloves and heat pads. Not informed gp. Awful cold eyes watering chesty cough,extra painful, got worse today. Have medication, Gees linctus etc. antihistamins, flu tabs, extra tissues for mucus. very painful. doing best I can .. need more fluids and keep warm in ventlated room. Think will try honey, forgot about it, thanks for reminder.. Sat up with teli on, will doze a bit. If not well covered with medication , ring Go To Doc for advice especially if on own, or surgery. Best to keep suitable medication and fluids for emergency times. I suck taste of honey if I remember, will do so now. Take care, if worried you must use phone, even hospital may advise you. Keep toes warm with thick sock and fur lined boots, have managed better this year re toes,fingers. Others must be like us, staying in recliner tinight. Say how you get on. bye.

  • , Hope you managing to settle down. My temperature settled,pain less, think honey was a help with linctus. Was burning up during night , apart from husky voice etc., am over the worst Hope you are on the mend, Take care

  • Hi Lisa

    I always take Lem SIp for about three days - I know not supposed to with Raynauds but got to have some sort of remedy. I you dont want to do that then either GP or Pharmacists at your local chemist. Good luck and get well soon xx

  • Lisa, sounds severe...Mucinex DM works well, but it sounds like you should consult the doctor, b/c you may need antibiotics to clear it...wishing you well :)

  • You should ask your GP for Antibiotics as its been affecting your lung you should act quickly before it gets worse

  • Good advice to see gp, I should have really as still slight temp, mucus less pain on coughing. Hope all well with Lisa. Very painful condition.

  • I agree see your gp , i also get bad infections and nearly always antibiotics , hope you get better soon lyn

  • Thanks everyone for all your help and answers I'm going to get my self into the doctors, I'm going to ring them up in the morning and hopefully I will be able to get in.

  • Why can't you take Lem-Sip with Raynaud's? I didn't know that.

  • Rosemary

    To answer your question

    Many cold treatments contain drugs that can inhibit the blood flow – in the case of Lemsip it's the pseudoephedrine.

    I still take it though - helps me sleep at night when Im full up with cold!!


  • Hiya everyone that answerd my question. I went to the doctors around 1.50pm today but the doctor didn't really seem interested, she checked my temperature and my chest said that seems fine and I also told her about my headaches I've been having for weeks and all she said is take paracetamol. My chest still hurts when I have coughing fits and the doctors iPhone was going of while I was being seen to.

  • Hello Lisa, Shame about the gp, some dont like you going with so cold cold or flu. Sounds like we had same, and it really is painful. On wednesday went really bad, was also burning up with high temp...would have got home visit but drs closed Wednesday. Doctors dont see you when hurting chest or coughing or when temperature is up and down and your struggleing. Talk about barking cough eventually and croaking voice. Im on the mend now,mind you though I was before. I took Linctus, loads of mucus now, but chest pain easier. Also had half teasoon honey to suck at times (Lemsip makes me feel yuk) Keep medication for thing like that, and thermometer, also watch fliuids are plenty. and soothing. if you are not right in a week, do go backto doctor .. dont worry if same loss of interest. Better to be safe than sorry. Let me know how you are getting on Lisa as obviously you were having a rough time. ok love.x

  • Hiya just checked on here and saw your post about 2 weeks ago tomorrow.I started getting headaches, dry cough, blocked sinuses, runny nose, weird things running stuff running from my nose, tired - basically felt like death warmed up! booked an emergency app. to see the gp and w ent to see and was barking worse than our dog. he took one look at me as well as listening to my symptoms. then prescribed me a weeks worth of antibiotics. am feeling a bit better at the mo.

    i would go back see a diferent doctor, make a list of want you want to talk about, and hopefully it works. good luck and keep at it. take care!

  • Wonder how Lisa is. I am still getting better, it just hangs on. Didnt go to doc as expected would get same interest as Lisa.. Hope you continue to improve. Bye.

  • still having cough,sore throat and odd temps, Panadol and linctus or lemon,honey treatment cont.,

  • Hello bookworm, Still have cough and mucus, due for pre med assesment 5.March for general on Friday, not sur how will get on. Hope you better now.

  • Hiya the antibiotics worked, just left with a dry cough, and being feeling ok, til now, when on early hours on friday morning started to be violently ill. Being sick and loose motions, only suffered that on friday, coughing up bile. Now just feel exhausted and no appetite, only eating crackers and had a small sunday roast yesterday. now come down with a cold and blocked sinuses. should have gone into work yesterday, but lacked energy and sleep.

  • Hi, Oh dear seems like your not really over the last illness. Wonder what your gp will think this time, maybe virus, unless you will treat yourself this time. Any temperature, or just feeling rough which is sometimes worse. Ok for Friday as the nurse just said is mucus yellow, so I hope I dont cough a lot or at all on ward,otherwise will be rearranged.

  • hiya went to the doctor - got a virus - which is being a nuisance

    hope u feel ok for friday.

  • Hi, Anaethetist reluctant, due to angina turn 8th Feb. I was ok later I dont worry about it. Suppose it his duty . have to have a dopla test. Actually dont think maybe it was wise due to cough, but thought it was only a short general so all would be well. I was so nice and relaxed might not be next time as could be different dr and anaethetist.

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